How’s That Flood of Low-Value Dental Patients Going?

Having a robust economy is a good thing. Having that economy overwhelm dental practices with new patients not a good thing. That’s particularly true when those new patients don’t represent high case value for your practice. That’s what more and more dentists are telling SmartBox. They don’t need more patients. They’re drowning in patients. Some dentists describe themselves as being on roller skates, sprinting between operatories because their schedules are jammed. They can’t take any time away from the practice, much as they’d love to. They’re worried about the impact ...

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How Did You Enjoy Your Day Away From the Dental Practice?

Hopefully your 4th of July was a relaxing time with family and friends. As a group, dentists get far too few days away from their practices, and that’s an unnecessary shame. It’s unnecessary because there’s no reason for dentists to have to work four, five or even six days a week. There’s no reason why they have to run between operatories trying to keep up with jam-packed schedules. If that’s become your normal, it’s time to seriously consider a different approach to practicing dentistry. Aside from the stress of working too long and too hard for too little, common sense ...

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Can You Really Work Just 3 Days a Week as a Dentist?

The traditional model of dental practice has doctors bending over the chair four, five or even six days a week. That’s a lot of physical and mental strain that decreases the quality of life in what is regularly ranked as one of the two top professions in the U.S. That practice model is driven by the need for a high volume of dental patients. In turn, that need exists because of how dentists go about marketing their practices – on low price, discounts, and insurance acceptance. It makes sense to take this approach because the prospects who are motivated by price and insurance comprise ...

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Why You’re Bleeding Dental Prospects

Having trouble watching this video? Click here. Patient Attraction Episode 1116 You might think you’re getting a good number of new dental patients from your marketing. But have you ever wondered how many prospects you’re not getting? That includes prospects who are going to your competition because they’re not finding you online. Or because your online marketing just doesn’t answer their questions or give them reasons to choose you. Or because you need more consistency in how you approach the issue of attracting new dental patients. After the break, I’ll tell you how to gain ...

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