Can You Really Work Just 3 Days a Week as a Dentist?

The traditional model of dental practice has doctors bending over the chair four, five or even six days a week. That’s a lot of physical and mental strain that decreases the quality of life in what is regularly ranked as one of the two top professions in the U.S. That practice model is driven by the need for a high volume of dental patients. In turn, that need exists because of how dentists go about marketing their practices – on low price, discounts, and insurance acceptance. It makes sense to take this approach because the prospects who are motivated by price and insurance comprise ...

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When Dental Retirement Can’t Come Too Soon

You’ve started reading this article, so something about the title resonated with you. Unless you’re in your 60’s – and maybe even then – that’s a damned shame. Dentistry should be something that is a joy to practice. After all, it consistently ranks in the top 2 best professions in the United States. So, if you’re yearning for retirement before your time, something has gone seriously wrong with your practice of dentistry. What Seems To Be The Problem? Dentists are usually unhappy for two reasons – they’re not being challenged, or they’re not making enough money. ...

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