Your Dental Testimonial Videos Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Having trouble watching this video? Click here. Patient Attraction Episode 1119 Testimonials and online reviews are the new “social proof” for dentists. They take the place that used to be occupied almost exclusively by word-of-mouth referrals. But just like in-person recommendations vary in their quality and believability, so do your testimonial videos. Most dentists have too many low-quality, generic testimonial videos that don’t speak to the specific needs and wants of dental prospects. After the break, I’ll tell what makes a great dental testimonial video. And I’ll ...

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Dentists Should Keep What They “Catch”

Too many dentists are caught in a revolving door syndrome. New patients come in, have a minimal amount of work done, and disappear. There’s no patient loyalty, no effort to refer other patients, and minimal return for your marketing investment. Done properly, dentistry shouldn’t be a catch-and-release sport. You need patients who will stay, pay, and refer to grow your practice and fund your retirement. Part of the reason you’re catching the wrong “fish” is that you’re probably using the wrong bait. The vast majority of dentists market their practices on price, specials, ...

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Will Your Online Dental Content Strategy Fail?

Benjamin Franklin reportedly coined the phrase, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” That holds true when it comes to your dental content marketing. Many dentists treat their content marketing as an afterthought. They’ve read, or been told, that they need to produce online content, so they do. But there’s often no strategy involved or even a clearly defined goal for their content marketing efforts. That lack of planning carries the seeds of failure. 5 Steps to A Winning Content Marketing Strategy Know Your Audience Most professionals will tell you to define your ...

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Your Dental Patients “Oughta Be in Pictures”

Dental testimonial videos are crucial for your success in today’s “information economy.” Dental prospects have more access to information about dentists than at any time in history. Your prospects expect to be able to see you, hear you, and to learn about you from the happy and satisfied patients you’ve treated. And if they can’t learn all about you, they’ll almost certainly choose another dentist. Dental Videos Done Well Video should work for you, but far too many dentists’ videos work against them. You prospects aren’t expecting Hollywood-level production values, ...

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Why Your Dental Reviews Aren’t 5-Stars

Here’s some good news-bad-news for dentists: According to an August, 2016 article, over 9 in 10 consumers read online reviews, and 40% of those consumers read a mere one to three reviews before making a decision. But the single biggest factor in the decisions of consumers who read online reviews is the “star” rating. The star rating is a big deal for dentists. A large company with thousands of reviews can probably get away with less than perfect online ratings. Dental practices typically have dozens of reviews, and with such a comparatively small number every review counts. If your ...

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Why Your Dental Marketing Isn’t Working

You may pride yourself on being up-to-date with the latest procedures, the most advanced imaging equipment, and state-of-the-art operatories. Do you pride yourself as much on the dental marketing you’re using using to get patients to fill those chairs? Dental schools prepare dentists to be clinicians, not how to run a business. They particularly spend zero time teaching you how to market your practice. So, it should come as no surprise that most dentists market like most other dentists, and that’s the problem. Unless you’re in a subspecialty, you’re basically marketing the same ...

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Why Your Dental Practice Must Be Patient-Centric

It’s sad but true: dentistry is still associated with pain, discomfort, and embarrassment in the minds of too many people. That leads to untreated decay, untreated gum disease, and a host of other dental problems. Dentistry has begun to reverse that perception by emphasizing pain-free dentistry, additional comfort items for patients, and sedation dentistry for the anxious and fearful. In fact, patient comfort and a patient-centric approach have become the defining hallmarks of many successful dental practices. The takeaway from this is that patients today are less concerned about ...

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“Postcard” Marketing for Dentists: Wish You Were Here?

Remember when your friends or relatives used to snail-mail picture postcards from their vacation destinations? In addition to a breathtaking or funny picture, almost all of them included the line, “Wish You Were Here.” And, a few lines from the sender about how great the resort or getaway was. Or, the fact that it rained the entire time, the food was lousy, and the staff was rude. Today, people are much more likely to send selfies attached to a text message, but the principle still holds: people who find something they really like and enjoy are likely to share with others. The same ...

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Dental Videos: 4 Essential Qualities for Your “Stars”

There are dental videos, and there are effective dental videos. There are some obvious differences between the two. The quality of the production itself is a deciding factor; poorly lit and poorly shot video with bad sound is a non-starter. But beyond the technical aspects, the real question is, “What kinds of people are you showing?” This question applies to both patient testimonials and your “explainer” educational videos. Here are the 4 qualities that the people in your dental videos must have: 1. They’re regular “Janes” or “Joes.” In other words, ...

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Survey Numbers Validate the Secrets We’ve Been Sharing with Clients for Years

There’s a reason for the saying, “As California goes, so goes the nation.” So I paid close attention when I saw the results of a recent survey of about 300 Californians who are most dentists’ target demographics: 60 percent affluent baby boomers, 40 percent affluent, in their late 20s to mid-30s, and interested in improving their looks (including their teeth). Here are three points that are important for dentists trying to grow their practice: ● 29 percent of those polled said they needed work done. ● Almost all (88 percent) surveyed said they have a regular dentist. ● ...

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