“Deep Learning” Promises to Change Search Ranking Process

A recent article in provided a fascinating – some might say alarming – analysis of the future of Google search and potentially much, much more. “Deep learning” is a process whereby neural nets (masses of interconnected hardware and software) can learn… on their own. Given enough examples to sift through, these nets “learn” how to identify other examples of the same things. And, they learn how to respond to search queries, sometimes better than the human-coded algorithms that Google now employs to generate page results. How this happens is something of a ...

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How Siri, Cortana and Google Now May Blow Up Your Online Dental Marketing

The introduction of digital, voice-responsive assistants like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Now may change the way search is conducted online. For years, search has focused on responding to keyword inquiries. For instance, a prospective dental patient might enter the terms “orthodontist Jackson Mississippi” in the search box. The results would reflect those keywords. Let’s say that our searcher added the term “best.” Google would look for those four keywords and return a result. More recently, search engines have become more responsive to natural ...

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Amazing Insights Into What the Year Holds for Social Media Marketing

Today we continue looking at social media marketing predictions for 2014. I’m going to tell you who is prophetic and who is pathetic when we finish looking at Mashable’s “9 Ways Social Media Marketing Will Change in 2014.” Last blog, I called some people clairvoyant and called some on the carpet for their predictions. A quick recap: 1. Graphic software will rise because more people will want visual content. Yes. 2. Social media’s use for sales will decrease. Yes and no. 3. Automation of tactics in social media marketing will explode as technology grows. Yep. 4. LinkedIn will ...

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