Google Changes the Rules for Mobile Dental Websites… Again.

It’s no secret that Google’s emphasis has shifted to providing the best possible user experience. Part of that shift was a recognition of the fact that more searches are initiated from mobile devices than from desktops or laptops. Google was swift to begin penalizing websites that aren’t mobile-compatible. Out of necessity, the mobile-responsive website was “born” not all that long ago. Mobile sites today have to load quickly and display properly across a wide range of devices. And, intrusive ads and pop-ups that interfere with the reader’s experience are penalized. Now that ...

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Why Your New Dental Patients Have a Voice

Search from mobile devices overtook desktop computer search in 2o15. Mobile devices allow people to search from almost anywhere at almost any time. For this reason, and due to the increasing penetration of mobile devices, mobile search is expected to continue to grow steadily. Today, more and more time-pressed people are using digital assistants like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Voice Search to find what they’re looking for online even faster. By one estimate, half of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. If you haven’t used a digital assistant, you ...

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Google Hates Mobile Dental Pop-Up Ads

The world of online search is going mobile, and dentists’ marketing has to adapt to the smaller screen sizes and challenging page load times. In fact, if your dental website isn’t already mobile-friendly, your website may take a rankings hit from Google. In recent years, Google has moved strongly to focusing on a good online experience for searchers. Websites that don’t display properly or that take too long to load on mobile devices are frowned upon, to say the least. Now, you can add pop-up ads to Google’s list of strong dislikes. Google has a fancy name for pop-ups – ...

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Are You on Dental Marketing “Overwhelm?”

The Internet as we know it is a 21st-century phenomenon, and the pace at which it changes is the stuff of science fiction. Compare that to traditional marketing: radio and TV, newspaper, direct mail, and outdoor boards. Sure, there have been some advances in what you can do – better image quality and graphics on TV, more radio and TV channels, “rotator” electronic billboards, and so on – but traditional advertising at its core really hasn’t changed that much over the last 30 years. And neither have the “rules” for doing it well. Move into Internet marketing and it’s a ...

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The “ONE” Key to Dental SEO?

The fight for first-page Google rankings has gotten fierce, and dentists are clawing tooth and nail for one of these coveted spots in their markets. SEO is far too complex to be reduced to a single “key to success,” but there’s one key practice without which you just won’t get seen online. And that key practice is consistency. Consistency is required across every page of your website without exception. There are certain items that absolutely have to be there, and those items have to be handled in certain ways. That’s not to say that you should go overboard and be foolishly ...

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Organic Search or Social Media? Investment Decisions for Dentists

It’s the never-ending online debate: should businesses invest their marketing dollars in SEO for search, or for social media ads? According to an article published last year on LinkedIn, both. Which means that the debate will continue to rage. Both SEO and social media are labor-intensive to keep current. SEO has the advantage, though, when it comes to measuring ROI and being able to tweak your marketing for maximum results. Social media works to get your ads in front of a self-selected audience, which is a plus. ROI is difficult to measure. There are a number of good points on ...

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Search Ranking Won’t Put Butts in Chairs

You’ve certainly heard the saying, “What you see is what you get.” As a dentist, you know that isn’t true: Veneers can make imperfect teeth look perfectly straight and white. Crowns look like real teeth. Implants support a whole jaw or two of real-looking prosthetics. The same is true with Google ranking. What you see IS NOT always what you get. Google’s search algorithm is very complicated. In August 2013, Google entirely revamped its search algorithm. An algorithm means the formulas and inputs that Google uses to try to give you the best results it can to the search you enter. ...

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Google My Business: Cross-platform Evolution

Google My Business simplifies how you present your practice across the various Google platforms. Most of you probably had a Google Places or Google+ account. That’s where you could post your location, some keywords about your business, a description and, if you were doing it right, some images. Others could also post reviews about your practice. But some people found Google Places for Business and Google+ Local difficult to manage. One was more about listing and being found. The other was more about competing with Facebook and being social. Now Google has simplified things ...

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SEO: The Must-Knows for Dentists

Let’s look at this like a primer on SEO, and we’ll start at the top. What is SEO? Search engine optimization means using certain words on your website that your prospects are searching for, or links that direct to your website from other websites, so that your name appears higher on the results page from search engines. How do search engines know what is on your page? Now we’re getting into some heavy-duty computer science. But to put it most simply, search engines have programs, we’ll call them spiders, that scan every site on the Internet. This is called crawling. ...

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Your Google Ranking: Three Things to Know

Your placement on Google search results pages are the most important part of your web marketing – and they don’t matter one bit. Google dominates the search engine market, virtually everyone starts their search for information with a search engine, and almost no one goes past the first search engine results page (SERP) to find what they are looking for. So let’s say you have a great SEO program in place. How do you know you are dominating SERPs and what do you do if you are? Here are three facts about your Google rankings: What you see is probably not what others see. A ...

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