Dentists Who Publish a Book Stand Out

One of the biggest problems that dentists face today is the presumption of competence. That might sound like a nonsensical statement, but it’s true. Dentists are viewed as advanced-degreed professionals and, as such, they’re presumed to be competent. In the minds of your prospects, one dentist is a basically as good as another. That’s a problem when you’re trying to attract higher-value cases. The fact that you’re a dentist does nothing to differentiate you from any other dentist. You can’t count on completion of postgraduate training to help you stand out. The vast majority ...

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You, Dental Author?

One of the realities in today’s crowded dental marketplace is that you have to differentiate yourself from your competition to succeed. An excellent way of setting yourself apart is by publishing a book. Before you stop reading this article, because there’s no way on earth that you’d have the time, let me reassure you that the entire process is a great deal easier than you might think. A well-written book with your name, picture, and bio on it is an excellent lure for new dental patients. It immediately establishes you as an expert and gives them a reason to trust and to choose ...

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1 Fact that WILL Offend You (and Bring You More Patients)

I hope you're enjoying the series of blogs about Dr. Robert Cialdini’s six key principles of persuasion, and I hope the one today won't turn you off... Because I'm about to be very blunt: patients don't have to come to you. Let me change that up a little bit: patients don't have to come to YOU. They don't have to go to any individual dentist, really. Or doctor, grocery story, car dealer or any other service provider, for that matter. People have choices, and you should must give them reasons to choose you over your competitors. That is why we are looking at the topic of ...

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Write Your Own Book – Look like an Expert in a Weekend?

Hopefully you have a focused area of expertise in dentistry that you are able to sit down and rattle off loads of patient level information. You probably do it all day long during consultations and just never think that you could have your own book and be a real author in just a weekend. I'm not saying you should give up a nice summer day, but if you are left along and have few other excuses you can do this very easily. In my case I wanted to knock out a few books in the last month before I turned the BIG 5-0 and Alzheimer's fully set in. For me most of the books were to help dentists with ...

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