Why You Shouldn’t Be the Hardest-Working Dentist in Town

There’s a belief in the U.S and other countries that hard work is the key to success. While there are certainly industries where that’s true, dentistry isn’t one of them. Dentists are an elite group providing elite, often life-changing services. There’s absolutely no reason why dentistry should be reduced to a “grind it out” formula for success. And yet, that’s the approach that far too many dentists still take. That’s a shame, because SmartBox has proven that there’s a far better way to succeed in dentistry. Work Richer, Not Harder The key to making more money ...

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Why Are Dentists on Social Media Sites That Don’t Deliver?

Adding social media to your marketing strategy is a good idea for dentists who want to reach and influence more dental prospects. However, according to the ranking from a December, 2016 article, not all social media will deliver anything like the same number of followers. The four most-used social media sites are Facebook (1.1 billion users), YouTube (1 billion users), Twitter (310 million users), and LinkedIn (255 million users). From those numbers you might figure that your best strategy is to have heavy presences on Facebook and YouTube. You’d be right, but for the wrong ...

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Three Not-so-Fun Facts About Your Dental Marketing

Social media marketing for dentists is a hot topic, and it’s not surprising. The explosion in social media venues shows no sign of slowing, and use of social media is showing year-over-year growth. Marketers are quick to point out the wide reach that social media provides. Facebook is the unquestioned leader in social media with over 1.55 billion active users. The average American is on Facebook for 40 minutes every day. The other social media forums – Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on – don’t even come close. It sounds like Facebook advertising for your ...

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Organic Search or Social Media? Investment Decisions for Dentists

It’s the never-ending online debate: should businesses invest their marketing dollars in SEO for search, or for social media ads? According to an article published last year on LinkedIn, both. Which means that the debate will continue to rage. Both SEO and social media are labor-intensive to keep current. SEO has the advantage, though, when it comes to measuring ROI and being able to tweak your marketing for maximum results. Social media works to get your ads in front of a self-selected audience, which is a plus. ROI is difficult to measure. There are a number of good points on ...

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