Cialdini’s Principle of Consistency for Dental Practices

Having trouble watching this video? Click here. Patient Attraction Episode 1112 Who likes to be thought of as being inconsistent? Nobody, that’s who. Dr. Robert Cialdini, a pioneer in the area of interpersonal influence, has done extensive research into how people are influenced to make decisions. His principle of Consistency is used widely in advertising to influence prospects to make buying decisions. Dentists can go to school on his work and on the experiences of many, many marketers. I’ll be back after the break to tell you how to use Cialdini’s work to attract more patients ...

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Dental Email Strategies That Work

Accordingly to Google, people consult an average of 10.4 online sources of information before making a decision to purchase goods or services. That’s a mixed blessing for dentists. It means that you have some time to convince prospects to choose you rather than a competitor. But it also means that you have to furnish the majority, if not all, of those sources of information. Keep What You Hook You website should contain a well thought-out free offer – a white paper, an article, or something else of value within the limits of your state’s regulations. Prospects supply their email ...

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Your Online Dental Content Should Guide Your Prospects

The decision to purchase a product or service, or to choose a dentist, is a journey. The decision begins with the identification of a need or want. That may come as a sudden realization, such as the rapid onset of dental pain. Or the realization may grow slowly over time when a prospect has faced an unattractive smile for too long. The identification doesn’t necessarily lead to immediate action. Even patients in significant pain can delay seeking help for any number of reasons. There’s a period of deliberation where the pros and cons of taking action are weighed. Eventually, ...

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What’s The Last Thing a Dentist Wants to Hear?

One of our SmartBox associates spent some time in advertising agencies, and he shared a tidbit from those experiences. “The last thing any agency wants to hear from potential customers, or particularly from existing customers, is, “I didn’t know you do that!” That’s true for all small businesses. For dentists, the “that” in question might be a dental appliance, a procedure, or emergency walk-in service. It might be offering special incentives or financing arrangements. It might even be offering to speak at a civic organization’s meeting or at a local school. No ...

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Turn Down the NOISE!

Here at SmartBox Web Marketing, we are big believers in drip marketing – both for our clients and for ourselves. That means keeping your name in front of your prospects by regularly touching them with communication. That could be emails, letters, postcards, faxes, fliers, and phone calls. But “regularly” is a subjective number. In our office, we try not to overwhelm prospects with so much information that it irritates them. As you are probably aware, some of our competitors do NOT feel this same way. One of the other leaders in this field sends as many as five mailers ...

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It’s a Crime, Eh? Don’t Send Unauthorized Email to Canadians

Our neighbors to the north have a reputation for unfailing politeness and welcoming people to their country. Opinions differ as to whether this trait is more genetic or cultural. Regardless, rudeness is frowned upon, as far as I know, and I’m guessing that rudeness would also  involve such things as not dropping in unexpectedly or making repeated unwanted phone calls. Or not sending unwanted emails? Apparently, the Canadian government thinks so, and it’s done something about electronic “rudeness.” If you live in or near America’s neighbor to the North and electronically ...

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Bad Address! No Patient Contact.

No, it’s not your physical address; your email address may be preventing you from getting your message out to potential and current patients. An interesting blog recently by a non-dentistry marketer discussed something that could have a serious influence on any of you who are doing email marketing, or drip marketing as we call it here at SmartBox Web Marketing, with the company Aweber. SmartBox is a certified partner with Infusionsoft, which allows you to do email marketing and a whole lot more. Aweber is kind of an entry-level email marketing platform that is fairly popular because it ...

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Increase Your Email Conversions: 4 Tips

You have a patient and prospective patient email list. Great! Now, what will you do with it to actually get more and better patients? You can’t just assume because someone has agreed to let you email them that they are actually going to read your emails. You are competing with the entire rest of the world for that prospect’s time and attention. And if your emails aren’t attention-grabbing and reader-friendly, they likely won’t be read. That means that the money and time you’re investing in email marketing is wasted. Your ROI is essentially zero. So what are you going to do ...

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Make Potential Patients Offers They Can’t Resist

OK, so you’re hitting the ears and eyeballs of potential patients. Now what? Let’s talk about how to draw patients with a magnet, and it has nothing to do with how much metal they have in their teeth! You want to capture leads. This is where you use your lead magnets. At SmartBox, we talk about these as dental advertising lures. What can you give someone to entice them to give your their name, email address and other information? You may remember that a previous post talked about Dr. Robert Cialdini’s principles of influence, and this fits in with his principle of ...

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