Why Should Dentists Have to Work So Hard?

Every profession has its share of routine and relatively unrewarding duties. Lawyers slog through endless filings and depositions. Engineers crunch and analyse numbers for days. Research scientists perform experiment after experiment that don’t deliver the results they hoped for. Dentistry is no exception. The treadmill of routine exams, drill-and-fills, and the occasional crown are widely regarded as the drudgery of the profession. Most dentists accept that as the “dues” they pay to get the occasional case that they really love to handle. But with the upswing in the economy and very ...

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Is Your Dental Practice Marketing Preparing You for Retirement?

Dentists are high earners, and with great income can come a great retirement. How’s your retirement looking? Depending on how long you’ve been in practice, your retirement plans may have taken a hit during and after the Great Recession. Now, however, the economy is strong, unemployment is low, and people are spending on dentistry. This is the time to begin making certain that your retirement will be everything you want it to be. The Rocky Road More Traveled If you’re like most dentists, you’re pursuing the first option – spending countless hours hunched over the chair, ...

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What Would You Give for Time Away From Your Dental Practice?

Dentistry is a great profession, except when it’s not. It’s not a great profession when you’re running between operatories trying to keep up with a packed schedule. Or when your neck and back are screaming from being hunched over the chairs hours and hours, day after day. Or when you’ve done twenty routine exams and ten drill-and-fills in a row. Or when the last time you had more than a day or two away from the office was over the Christmas shutdown. If then. Dentistry doesn’t have to be a high-volume business, with an unending treadmill of low-value patients with no ...

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Dentistry Doesn’t Have to be A Hassle

One of  grim realities for too many dentists is that the actual practice of dentistry is both a slog and a hassle. It’s a slog due to the dental treadmill of low case-value, insurance-driven, price-driven, zero loyalty patients filling the chairs four or even five days a week. That leaves dentists working too hard for too long for too little. Over time, that kind of high-volume practice takes a toll on dentists’ morale, backs, and necks. Dentistry is a hassle because those same patients are motivated to get treatment at the lowest price. Often, dentists have an excellent case ...

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Appoint Every Possible New Dental Patient Caller

Your practice marketing might be awesome in getting prospects to pick up the phone. But what happens when those prospects call for an appointment? Every prospect that calls your office but isn’t appointed is a waste of your marketing funds. And there are few dental practices that can afford to throw away money. If you’re like almost all dentists, you believe that your front office does a great job appointing every new patient caller. And you may well be right … but how do you know? After all, you’re hopefully spending the vast majority of your time in your operatories, making ...

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The Key to Maximizing Your Dental Marketing ROI

Dentists tend to market with a broad brush, so to speak. That’s understandable – the vast majority of people have teeth, and therefore need dental care at some point. But such a broad approach can waste a significant percentage of your marketing investment. Even though the U.S. economy is enjoying a much-deserved period of growth, many dental prospects can still only afford the basics of dental care. Many others want only the treatment that insurance will pay for. With the trend toward cost-shifting toward the patient that shows no sign of slowing down, even patients with dental ...

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Can You Really Work Just 3 Days a Week as a Dentist?

The traditional model of dental practice has doctors bending over the chair four, five or even six days a week. That’s a lot of physical and mental strain that decreases the quality of life in what is regularly ranked as one of the two top professions in the U.S. That practice model is driven by the need for a high volume of dental patients. In turn, that need exists because of how dentists go about marketing their practices – on low price, discounts, and insurance acceptance. It makes sense to take this approach because the prospects who are motivated by price and insurance comprise ...

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Handle More of the Dental Cases You Love to Do

Are you just taking the new dental patients that walk in the door? Or are you getting the cases that you really enjoy doing? That may sound like a fairly stupid question; after all dentists don’t have total control over who contacts their practices for an appointment. But how you market has a huge impact on the types of new patients you get. In one sense, it’s the difference between bottom-fishing and using a float. There are different types of fish at different depths and they respond to different kinds of “bait.” If you’re not getting the types of patients and cases you ...

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Time Away From Your Dental Practice Isn’t a Myth

One of the most common complaints that SmartBox hears from dentists is that they’re chained to their practices. It’s common for dentists to work four, five, or even six days a week – not because they want to, but because they need or want to see as many patients as possible. In fact, many dentists describe themselves as running between operatories just to try to keep up with their packed schedules. Some even say they’re on roller skates. If you’re struggling to keep your chairs filled, you probably think that too many patients would be a great problem to have. It’s true that ...

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Will Dental Insurance Soon Be “Discounted” To Those Who Brush and Floss Daily?

An article ran in mid-April about a family that switched dental insurers and were offered “free” electric toothbrushes after signing up. The problem – for the author, anyway – was that those toothbrushes wirelessly connected to a free app that the users were to download to their smartphones. The toothbrushes tracked and reported on various tidbits of the users’ brushing habits. That might have included the frequency of brushing, length of brushing, and brush head speed. The author was able to verify only brush head speed based on the information supplied by the insurer. The ...

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