How’s That Monthly Dental Advertising Thing Going?

I’ve met many dentists who can’t escape that “hamster on a treadmill” feeling. They’d prefer to spend more time solving patients’ dental problems. Instead, they have to take time away from clinical practice every single month to figure out their advertising for the next month. This is not why dentists spend four years in dental school. Not only that, marketing wasn’t on the curriculum. Not only is a traditional advertising approach annoying to dentists, its value is questionable. Dentists advertise on price, specials, coupons, and availability. So does every other dentist ...

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Why are Dentists’ Incomes Continuing to Fall?

An article last month in Dentistry Today reported that annual incomes for GP dentists have been declining since 2005. That information is based on the ADA Health Policy Institute’s Survey of Dental Practice. 2014’s average earnings were down over $9100 from 2013’s average of $183,885, and represent a drop of 20 percent from 2005’s peak. The article mentioned “a broad set of factors” beginning in the early 2000s related to the continuing income decline and singled out two: the beginning of a trend toward less demand for adult dental care, and an increase in the number of ...

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