The SmartBox “Between the Years” Post for Dentists

One of our SmartBox employees spent part of his military service in Germany, and that’s where he learned the phrase “between the years” to describe the period between Christmas and New Year’s. I’ve adopted the phrase, because it just makes sense to me. The days leading into Christmas, and between Christmas and New Year’s, are really anything but “business as usual.” Employees take vacation time and lot of businesses are running on skeleton crews. That’s usually okay because new business typically slows down, unless you’re in retail. Doors get decorated for the season. ...

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Why Aren’t You a “Dental Destination?”

If you’ve been following this blog or The Patient Attraction Podcast™ for any length of time, you know that I firmly believe that dental patients view dentists as interchangeable commodities. Dentists are assumed to be competent. Patients don’t understand the differences in the quality of care, the achievable results, or the difference in the patient experience. Unless you tell them and show them. If you remain a dental commodity in the eyes of your prospects, they’ll have no reason to choose you. You and your competitors will be competing on an equal footing for the same ...

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What’s Missing in Your Dental Marketing?

The practice of dentistry isn’t what it used to be, and neither is marketing your practice. Consider how many solo or group dental practices are in your market today compared to even five years ago. Unless you’re in a rural area, the odds are that you’re facing a lot more competition than than you used to. And if corporate dentistry is making inroads in your market, you’ve got an even tougher challenge. All of your competitors are advertising where you do: in your newspaper(s), on radio and/or TV, on outdoor boards, in your new dental prospects’ mailboxes via direct mail, and ...

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Develop a Dental Marketing “Strategy of Champions”

Here in the center of the college basketball world, October is a pretty big deal. With Butler University, Indiana University, the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky all starting to practice for the upcoming season, basketball is on everyone’s lips. There are supporters and detractors for each team, and a lot of polite (or heated) disagreements, but for an entire season the local world revolves around basketball. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not as big a basketball fan as some here at SmartBox Web Marketing or maybe some of you. One of our staff members even ...

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Standing out is critical to reaching new patients

In the last blog post I talked about attracting the patients you want. But there are two parts to that, aren’t there? There’s hitting the bull’s-eye of the patients you want, and then there is the attraction part. So you can identify the patients you want through: Financial demographics Age demographics Location Problems that you can solve But what about the part where those ideal patients want to come to YOU? Pick a city and you'll be able to find at least a dozen dentists using one of the six Big We's: "We're the best cosmetic dentist." "We practice pain free ...

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Are You Dooming Your Marketing Before It Even Begins (part 2)

Welcome back for part 2 of our look at whether you might be killing your own marketing efforts. We’re looking at three questions you have to answer before you can begin to draw new patients. Last time I told you that there are three questions any dentists should ask before they begin a marketing plan to make sure they are not sabotaging their own efforts: What do I want out of my practice? Why should someone choose me over any other dentist AND over doing nothing at all? What do you know and what do you want to know? Let’s Look at These Three In More Depth The first, ...

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