Why You’re Bleeding Dental Prospects

Having trouble watching this video? Click here. Patient Attraction Episode 1116 You might think you’re getting a good number of new dental patients from your marketing. But have you ever wondered how many prospects you’re not getting? That includes prospects who are going to your competition because they’re not finding you online. Or because your online marketing just doesn’t answer their questions or give them reasons to choose you. Or because you need more consistency in how you approach the issue of attracting new dental patients. After the break, I’ll tell you how to gain ...

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What’s Your Dental Value Proposition?

It’s all too easy to view dentistry as transactional – you provide services, and the patient and/or the insurance company pays you for your efforts. For dentists who market based on price, specials, and discounts, holding that view is understandable. But that view doesn’t go nearly far enough if you want to grow your practice. Dentists today are assumed to be competent. Unless you give dental prospects reasons to choose you to solve their dental problems, there are any number of dentists with whom they can “transact business.” Those patients are generally price-shoppers, ...

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When Dental Retirement Can’t Come Too Soon

You’ve started reading this article, so something about the title resonated with you. Unless you’re in your 60’s – and maybe even then – that’s a damned shame. Dentistry should be something that is a joy to practice. After all, it consistently ranks in the top 2 best professions in the United States. So, if you’re yearning for retirement before your time, something has gone seriously wrong with your practice of dentistry. What Seems To Be The Problem? Dentists are usually unhappy for two reasons – they’re not being challenged, or they’re not making enough money. ...

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Why Aren’t Dentists More Social on Social Media?

It’s amazing how long some traditions hang on. It’s even more amazing why almost nobody thinks to question those traditions. Case in point: advertising for new dental patients. Historically, dentists used Yellow Pages ads, newspaper ads, direct mail campaigns, and a few radio or TV spots to reach dental prospects. Due to the nature of those media, the message had to be very focused on what was most likely to entice prospects to pick up the phone – price. The advent and development of the internet changed the equation. Once social media sites began to proliferate, dentists had many ...

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Your Dental Practice’s Best Contingency Plan

Contingency planning is necessary for businesses of all sizes, and that includes dental practices. Some contingencies, such as natural disasters or physical plant problems, have fairly straightforward solutions. Financial disasters, though, are something that few businesses can plan for. All businesses require a steady stream of income. The current United States tax code makes it inadvisable to keep a lot of cash on hand. That’s why businesses have lines of credit that they can draw on as needed. But those lines of credit have to be paid back, which is a double whammy in the event of a ...

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Why You’re Losing Dental Prospects

There’s no doubt that dentists are very intelligent, dedicated, and talented group of people. There’s also no doubt that dentists are as different as everyone else – different beliefs, different pastimes, different interests. But when it comes to the one thing that matters to your dental prospects, there’s no difference between dentists. Dentists today are assumed to be competent. That comes with the credential. But when it comes to the nuances between dentists, what makes a dentist more suitable for certain patients or conditions than others, your prospects are basically ...

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