The “Voice of the People” Can Be Bad News For Dentists

Is your image of a consumer someone who uncritically chooses the goods or services that businesses offer? You’d better rethink that, because the rise of “consumerism” is changing the face of commerce. Take smart phones as an example. Every new phone has a huge marketing push, and some people seem to be compulsive adopters of the “latest and greatest.” Most other people, however, will wait for the independent reviews to come in from the first adopters. Based on comparability in features and price, it's likely that cell phone coverage, phone reliability, and user-friendliness will ...

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Is Your Dental Content Marketing A Help or a Hindrance?

Today’s dental landscape is hugely competitive. More and more dentists are using every means at their disposal to get and keep their name in front of their prospects. Content marketing is one very popular way to maintain name recognition and influence new dental prospects. Dentists are assumed to competent these days and are therefore considered to be largely interchangeable. Patients have no reason to choose one dentist over another except for price, insurance, and/or availability. Content marketing, done well, takes the dentist out of the “herd” and establishes him or her as an ...

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Why You Should Widen Your Dental Content Marketing Approach

A study released in September 2016 cast new light on the risks of untreated dental infections. It had been previously established that dental infections increased the risk of heart disease by 200 percent. Those earlier studies were a little short of the mark. The new study showed a nearly threefold risk of heart disease when a chronic dental infection was present; a 270 percent risk, to be precise. This is news that your current and future patients need to know, particularly those at risk for heart disease or with a history of heart issues. But how will you approach the ...

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Your Online Dental Content Should Guide Your Prospects

The decision to purchase a product or service, or to choose a dentist, is a journey. The decision begins with the identification of a need or want. That may come as a sudden realization, such as the rapid onset of dental pain. Or the realization may grow slowly over time when a prospect has faced an unattractive smile for too long. The identification doesn’t necessarily lead to immediate action. Even patients in significant pain can delay seeking help for any number of reasons. There’s a period of deliberation where the pros and cons of taking action are weighed. Eventually, ...

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Where Do You Come Up with Your Dental Content Ideas?

If you’re doing dental content marketing, and you should be, you already know that it can be tough to keep coming up with new ideas. New content is what allow you to stay in front of your dental prospect, establish a virtual relationship, and ultimately influence him or her to choose you to solve their dental problems. Dentistry is not a very fast-moving profession. Compared to many other areas of society and business today, it’s positively glacial. Dentists don’t get to latch onto social crazes like Pokemon Go, the latest smartphone, Chia Pets (remember them?), or even the Macarena ...

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The Power of Lists in Dental Content Marketing

David Letterman was certainly onto something. No, he didn’t invent the Top 10 list, but he gave it a unique spin and made it wildly popular. You may not be the next Letterman, but you can take advantage of the power of lists in your dental marketing. People like numbered lists for several reasons. One reason is that lists offer an advantage in recalling information. Lists can also be used to provide a series of logical steps. And the third reason is that lists are easy to read because they spread information out on the page. From a practical standpoint, lists of 3 to 1o items ...

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Is Your Dental Marketing Content Out of Context?

A report in Scientific American from a few years back stated that there’s a large body of evidence to support the idea that people universally prefer people who are more like themselves. That makes sense to me. If I meet someone who dresses on about the same level I do, speaks the same language I do, maybe has a few of the same interests I do, and has the same cultural background, I can relate fairly easily. But the more perceived differences there are between us, the harder it is to relate. That universal tendency to like people similar to ourselves can pose a challenge when it ...

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Don’t Be “The Masked Dentist”

If you’ve ever seen re-runs of the old series “The Lone Ranger” on television, you know that the title character wore a mask that (sort of) concealed his identity while he went around righting wrongs. No one ever explained why his faithful companion, Tonto, didn’t wear a mask. Or, for that matter, his horse Trigger who was rather easily recognized. Anyway, if you’ve watched the show you might have heard this iconic line: “Who was that masked man? I wanted to thank him.” There are times when masks are necessary; for infection control and hygiene considerations while ...

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Establishing Your Authority as an Expert Online

Your website can show prospects that you are the expert who can solve their problems. First, let me make something clear: Just because you have your degree, have a practice and have a website does NOT make prospective patients think you are an expert. People want proof – or at least what they perceive as proof – that you are an expert. How can you give them that proof? Here are 5 ways you can show that you are an expert on your website. Post evidence from third parties that you are an expert. This could be a citation in a journal; a quote in a newspaper or TV news story; or ...

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