Does Word-of-Mouth Get New Dental Patients?

An article in April’s issue of Dental Economics surveyed about 100 people to evaluate the impact of word-of mouth dental referrals. The results may surprise you. Breaking it down quickly, the respondents were 73 females and 30 males from all age groups. None of them was associated with any dental profession except as patients. 75% said they used a word-of-mouth referral as their starting point the last time they looked for a dentist. Insurance provider lists came in second. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that 43 percent of those respondents also did online research ...

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“Postcard” Marketing for Dentists: Wish You Were Here?

Remember when your friends or relatives used to snail-mail picture postcards from their vacation destinations? In addition to a breathtaking or funny picture, almost all of them included the line, “Wish You Were Here.” And, a few lines from the sender about how great the resort or getaway was. Or, the fact that it rained the entire time, the food was lousy, and the staff was rude. Today, people are much more likely to send selfies attached to a text message, but the principle still holds: people who find something they really like and enjoy are likely to share with others. The same ...

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Does Your Website Get the Right Traffic?

Like a child in a candy store, all buggy-eyed with excitement, you’ve set up your website to display everything great about your dental expertise. As launch day approaches you drool with anticipation as you picture the phone ringing off the hook. Ok, reality check. After a few weeks the phone is not ringing off the hook like you thought it would be. In checking Google Analytics you discover that a lot of people have clicked on your website but very few calls have come in. Even more disheartening is the cost of your PPC campaign. Lots of click-thru’s but your bounce rate looks like a ...

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Dr. Preeti Singh’s Dental Web Marketing Review

Hey, Dr. Singh, Colin Receveur, here on your website doing a Swift Kick. And I’m going to go through your website, show you what I find. I’m seeing some really bad things. The first thing is when I go to your website, Google is redirecting me because they see that you have some kind of virus or malware actually on your website, and they are preventing anybody from going to it because of that. I’m going to go ahead and actually proceed anyway here and come on into your website against the best advice of Google and see what’s going on here. So, the first thing I notice is this ...

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Dr. Gary Michaelson’s Dental Web Marketing Review & Plan

Hi Dr. and Mrs. Michaelson. Colin with SmartBox Web Marketing. I just wanted to follow up with our previous conversations and put a marketing plan together for you guys; what I’m seeing going on with your website, with your total online presence. I know we had talked several times about ways that you guys can attract more of the patients that you’re looking for; not the coupon surfers, not the deal getters. I know you’ve done a lot of that in the past and you really haven’t been happy with the results. So I’m going to show you some things that I see here that are dampening the ...

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Dr. Tom Bender’s Dental Website Review

Hey Dr. Bender, Colin Receveur here at a conference in Destin, Florida for Excellence in Dentistry and wanted to do a quick critique of your website. I know I didn't actually advertise the critique in the Swift Kick package; it's an unadvertised bonus that we're doing to help guys that really want to jumpstart their marketing and to get things going in the right direction. So without further ado I'm going to jump right in. I've looked at your website, I've looked over your marketing and I've gone through our checklist and I'm just going to point out a couple of things that you might want ...

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Dr. Thomas Lambert’s Dental Website Review

Hey Dr. Lambert, Colin Receveur from SmartBox Web Marketing, just following up with your Swift Kick SuperPackage. One of the unadvertised bonuses that we offer with the package is a video critique of your website and your web marketing. A lot of the stuff you're reading and going over in our package, the books, the DVDs, the reports, all that information, I'm going to give you a ten minute overview of how it applies to what you actually have, what I see that I might improve, what I would do and how we can ultimately help you to attract more of the patients that you want to help. That's what ...

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Dr. Randall Jones’ Dental Website Review

Hey Dr. Jones, Colin Receveur coming to you from a conference here in Destin, Florida, sorry for the headset I've got on. I wanted to catch up with you and give you a quick critique to go along with your Swift Kick package that you bought from us recently and show you how what you're reading about, what you're listening to implements into your website and your web marketing campaign as it relates to finding you the new patients that you want to attract. Let me jump right in and get started. I did some searches for you online and found this website here that I'll talk a little bit about, ...

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Savvy Dentist from Jacksonville in our Video Studio

A few of the 60+ videos we just finished up for a very progressive dentist in Florida wanting to take advantage of his advanced clinical training.             Do you want to attract qualified patients in the dental niches that you have advanced clinical training? Fill out this short form, we'll contact you within 24 hours and show you how... ...

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