Dental Email Strategies That Work

Accordingly to Google, people consult an average of 10.4 online sources of information before making a decision to purchase goods or services. That’s a mixed blessing for dentists. It means that you have some time to convince prospects to choose you rather than a competitor. But it also means that you have to furnish the majority, if not all, of those sources of information. Keep What You Hook You website should contain a well thought-out free offer – a white paper, an article, or something else of value within the limits of your state’s regulations. Prospects supply their email ...

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Your Website is Driving Dental Prospects Away

There are nearly 100,000 dental practices in this country according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Virtually all of those practices have a website. Very few of those websites are constructed to attract new dental patients. That last statement probably flies in the face of what you believe, particularly if you’re getting a decent amount of people calling for appointments. You might be one the rare exceptions. But have you ever asked yourself how many more new patients you could be getting? Where Dentists Go Wrong The biggest problem with most dentists’ marketing is that they ...

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What Story Does Your Dental Marketing Tell?

Too much of today’s dental marketing is a straightforward proposition: “We do this for this much money.” Quite a few of a given market’s dental prospects will respond that approach. They’ll pick the lowest-price dentist, get some work done, and vanish. There are several downsides to that marketing approach. You’re having to cut your rates to be the lowest-price provider. Your marketing generates little or no repeat business. And positioning yourself as a cut-rate provider is a turnoff to the 20 percent of prospects who are looking for a relationship with a dentist who they ...

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Your Dental Practice’s Best Contingency Plan

Contingency planning is necessary for businesses of all sizes, and that includes dental practices. Some contingencies, such as natural disasters or physical plant problems, have fairly straightforward solutions. Financial disasters, though, are something that few businesses can plan for. All businesses require a steady stream of income. The current United States tax code makes it inadvisable to keep a lot of cash on hand. That’s why businesses have lines of credit that they can draw on as needed. But those lines of credit have to be paid back, which is a double whammy in the event of a ...

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Why Your Dental Marketing Isn’t Working

You may pride yourself on being up-to-date with the latest procedures, the most advanced imaging equipment, and state-of-the-art operatories. Do you pride yourself as much on the dental marketing you’re using using to get patients to fill those chairs? Dental schools prepare dentists to be clinicians, not how to run a business. They particularly spend zero time teaching you how to market your practice. So, it should come as no surprise that most dentists market like most other dentists, and that’s the problem. Unless you’re in a subspecialty, you’re basically marketing the same ...

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