What’s In Your Dental Marketing?

You couldn’t operate your dental practice without having carefully designed processes and procedures in place. From dental insurance to billing to appointment-setting, your practice needs structure. The same holds true for the clinical side of your business. But have you ever given the same degree of thought and planning to your marketing? Probably not. The vast majority of dentists have no formal training in the principles and best practices of marketing. They tend to do what they’ve learned from other dentists, or what they see their competitors doing. In a way, that’s a shame, ...

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Is Your Dental Practice Positioned For Success?

The economy is booming by all reports: growth is near three percent, wages are up, taxes are down, and the stock market is booming. There’s an old saying – when times are tough, you need to market. When times are good, you really need to market. Savvy dentists will position their practices for maximum success during this near-record run of growth. How Hard Do You Really Want To Work? Dentistry isn’t a commodity even though many patients treat it like one. There’s only so much of you and your staff to go around, and when your appointments are booked, they’re booked. If ...

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When Dentists’ Retirement Is Just a Fading Dream

Having trouble watching this video? Click here. Patient Attraction Episode 1120 The Great Recession forced many baby boomer dentists to delay their retirement plans. But the effects of that downturn lingered for years, and it’s only been in the last 2 years or so that dentists’ incomes have begun to recover. That may not be a pressing concern for you right now, but the lesson from 2008 to 2010 should be clear. Any dentist’s retirement plans can be derailed if the economy goes south. After the break, I’ll tell you how you can insulate your dental practice against economic ...

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Cialdini’s Principle of Consistency for Dental Practices

Having trouble watching this video? Click here. Patient Attraction Episode 1112 Who likes to be thought of as being inconsistent? Nobody, that’s who. Dr. Robert Cialdini, a pioneer in the area of interpersonal influence, has done extensive research into how people are influenced to make decisions. His principle of Consistency is used widely in advertising to influence prospects to make buying decisions. Dentists can go to school on his work and on the experiences of many, many marketers. I’ll be back after the break to tell you how to use Cialdini’s work to attract more patients ...

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When Your Dental Website Makes You Look Old

There’s no environment that changes faster than the online environment. The internet is a hotbed of innovation, new design, and the next greatest thing. It’s an environment in which few dentists flourish. Your website says a lot about you and your practice, and all of it may not be good if your site isn’t updated regularly. Style matters, even for dentists. Today’s internet users can pick out a “cookie-cutter” website within seconds, and they won’t be impressed. Stale, dated design immediately brands you and your practice as old-fashioned. That may appeal to some senior ...

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4 Things to Lose in Your Ads

My last post featured advice from Max Gotcher and Mike Abernathy over at Summit Practice Solutions (and me) on four things your patients want in your ads – the “do’s.” A great deal of the discussion centered around ads on your website but was applicable to print advertising as well.. So today, let’s see how well the “don’ts” of print advertising match up with those for websites. Eliminate unnecessary verbiage and claims. If someone would look at the ad and say, “Of course they do,” then you don’t need it. For instance, no need to say that you do bleaching, ...

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What Patients Want in Your Ads: 4 Things

Our friends and colleagues over at Summit Practice Solutions have some advice about how you can improve your print marketing, and you’ll be surprised how many of those ideas apply to web marketing as well. Max Gotcher and Mike Abernathy over at Summit Practice Solutions are really good at helping dentists get their practice in order. They run a regular blog and occasionally discuss marketing in it. They are more comfortable in traditional marketing and regularly steer their clients to us for web marketing. After all, Max and Mike are SmartBox clients, too! One of their blogs gave ...

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Meeting Customer Service Expectations: 6 Tips for Dentists

Let’s say you hire us at SmartBox or are excellent at implementing these tips from our blog.. So you have 100 new people per month wanting appointments. What then? The marketing side of the business is done. Patients are in your chair. From there, it is up to you. A big part of getting those people from one-time patients to regular patients who stay, pay and refer is customer service. With fear of stepping on the toes of our friends at Summit Practice Solutions, who are really excellent at helping practices develop this side of the house, here is some customer service ...

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Scannable Text: The Basics

You can help your website readers get the information you want them to have even if they don’t read all the text. Not only can you do that, you should. You might remember some research about how long readers typically stay on a web page: 55 percent of people spend less than 15 seconds on a web page. 66 percent of people scroll down the page. Research by PhD Jakob Nielsen shows that the average page view lasts A LITTLE LESS THAN A MINUTE. Think about that for a moment: You have 60 seconds to give them the information you want them to have. That’s not much time at all. So ...

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Who Reads What Online? 4 Surprising Statistics

Last year, Time magazine had a piece from the CEO of a data analytics company with some numbers that may disprove several things we think we know about online readers. In fact, the article in Time was set up as debunking myths.The findings are interesting. The first is that readers across 2 billion website visits in the course of a month found that 55 percent spent less than 15 seconds on a page. That means they weren’t reading the page, they were scanning it (at best). So just because someone clicks a link doesn’t mean they are reading the page. Something to keep in mind the next time ...

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