Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Turkey Day in the United States, a day for family and friend to gather together, eat too much really good food, and (often) watch parades and maybe some football. But that’s not how this day started out. Thanksgiving has it roots deep in American history. Generally, it’s understood as a celebration of some of the original colonists surviving their first, brutal winter in what would become the United States of America. Thanksgiving was declared a national holiday in 1864 by then-President Abraham Lincoln. Today, a century and a half later, it’s easy to lose sight of the ...

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Dentists Who Don’t Do Follow-up Right Lose Prospects

Barring dental emergencies, the decision to choose a dentist is rarely a snap decision. Google has noted that people consult an average of 10.4 online sources of information before making a buying decision. When it comes to selecting someone to solve their dental problems, it’s not surprising that most prospects are going to do considerably more research than that average before making a decision. If you’re going to get your share, and maybe more, of the prospects in your market, you have to remain in front of them until they’re ready to choose. People who visit your website once ...

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Think Corporate Dentistry Isn’t Coming? Think Again.

It’s easy for dentists in smaller markets to ignore the threat posed by the corporate dental chains. But there’s news out of Texas that should serve as a wake-up call for dentists everywhere. In October, Texas A&M University announced that it will build a nine-story, 150,000+ square foot clinical facility for dental school students. The new facility will allow the dental school to increase its enrollment by 25 percent. Basically, the expansion will put another 25 to 50 dentists on track to graduate every year. Clearly, there’s money in dental school education. And where ...

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Periodontists Must Focus On Local Search

According to an article published in April, 2017, there are nearly 4700 periodontists practicing in the United States. That low number is either good news or bad, depending on your market. It’s common sense that specialty dentists of whatever stripe usually practice in or near metropolitan areas. There are very few rural areas that would support a specialty practice. In quite a few states, that urban clustering means that periodontists are competing with any number of other periodontists for the same prospect base. But these days, periodontists aren’t just competing with other ...

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What Will Your Dental Practice Sell For?

There are very, very few dentists who practice for their entire lives. More often, some dentists have a good long run of 30 or 40 years before easing into retirement. For others, running a dental practice only lasts 15 or 20 years before they’re looking for a buyer for their practice. Regardless, when the time comes for you, will your practice sell for enough to finance your retirement or your next business venture? If you’re marketing your practice like most dentists, maybe not. It doesn’t matter how long your timeline might be, the time is now to begin prepping your practice for ...

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Kick Your Dental Practice In The Pants

When you went to dental school, did you ever think that one day you’d be able to describe yourself as a “plugger?” Probably not, but if your business is like most dentists’ days, you’re performing an endless string of routine exams, drill-and-fills, whitenings, and the odd crown here and there. You’re plugging along, but are you really getting anywhere? Your practice has hit a plateau. You’re not growing, you’re not shrinking, but at least you are keeping the lights on and the doors open. So, how does another 10, 15, or 20 years of the same-old, same-old sound to ...

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These Aren’t Your Dad’s Dental Patients

As someone once said, the rate of change of the rate of change is changing. That’s not a throwaway line. It’s a reflection of a stark truth that many dentists are slow to come to grips with. Today’s dental prospects are very different from the patients dentists treated just 10 or 15 years ago. The problems aren’t different, but the expectations of dental patients most certainly are. And those expectations are continuing to evolve quickly. The change in the rate of change poses significant challenges for dentists. It’s A Competition Thing Today’s dental prospects ...

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Dominate Your Dental Market

Dental competition is at a level never seen before. Dentists who compete for new patients the same was as the other practices in their market are getting fewer and fewer new patients. The ones who are getting enough new patients are spending more and more on their marketing. Doing the same thing with your marketing as everybody else puts you firmly in the “just another dentist” category. Your prospects have no reason to choose you to solve their dental problems – except price, insurance acceptance, and availability. That probably sounds “normal” to you, and that’s a ...

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