Not All Dental Success is Created Equal

Nobody goes into dentistry to fail. Everyone wants to be successful, but one dentist’s success can be another person’s nightmare. For instance, the new dental graduate who has just opened his or her doors should have an initial success “target” of recruiting enough new patients to make the practice profitable and sustainable. Without enough patients and enough profits, no other measure of success applies. That may remain the definition of success for many dentists over the years, but for some it’s just not enough. Some dentists won’t be satisfied until they’re operating ...

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The SmartBox “Between the Years” Post for Dentists

One of our SmartBox employees spent part of his military service in Germany, and that’s where he learned the phrase “between the years” to describe the period between Christmas and New Year’s. I’ve adopted the phrase, because it just makes sense to me. The days leading into Christmas, and between Christmas and New Year’s, are really anything but “business as usual.” Employees take vacation time and lot of businesses are running on skeleton crews. That’s usually okay because new business typically slows down, unless you’re in retail. Doors get decorated for the season. ...

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The Last Refuge is the Last Place Dentists Should Go

Even dentists who have been in practice for years can be assailed by self-doubt. All it takes is a series of bad months to have them doubting their marketing practices and even their competence as business owners. When that happens, there’s an all-too-natural tendency to run for cover. Unfortunately, that’s the last thing dentists should do. “Cover,” for dentists, is to begin cutting their prices in hopes of getting more patients through the door. What happens when you cut prices? Your competitors take notice, and they begin cut prices to match you. Then you have to cut yours ...

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What Dentists Sacrifice

Memorial Day is tomorrow, and it always makes me think of the sacrifices that our veterans make for our country. All veterans make sacrifices while on active and reserve duty. Those sacrifices range from less time spent with family to paying the final price. It’s fitting that we have a day to remember those who serve, who have served, and who lost their lives. That got me to thinking about the sacrifices the rest of us make in our daily lives. Parents sacrifice for the sake of their children. Adults sacrifice time, energy, and money to help their communities become better places to ...

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Pay-Per-Click: What the Pros Do

Organic search is the bread and butter of web marketing. But do you like to eat only bread and butter? Of course not. Using pay-per-click advertising is like adding meat to the menu. Organic search means search, the kind that at least a billion people do every day. Bring up a search engine like Google, type in a word or phrase, and see what pops up. Those are organic results, and research shows that 70% of the links search users click on are organic. But what about the other 30 percent? That’s the meat in your web marketing For our clients, we encourage them to use ...

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Why Knowing Isn’t Enough and What You Can Do About It

I spend a lot of time talking in great detail about the patient attraction process. I walk through each step of the process, I talk about what you need long each step to make something happen, and I try to make everything pretty simple to understand. If you stick around for a little while and consume my blog posts, you end up knowing more about online patient attraction than about 95% of dentists.Sadly, knowing these things doesn’t get them done. And even more than that, knowing what you need to do doesn’t really provide the motivation you need to make it happen. After all, you ...

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4 Attitudes of Small Business Owners

Your attitude says a lot about the type of business you run – and what YOU define as success. One question we ask all of our potential clients is what success means to them. What are they looking for in the next year or five years or 10 years? If you’re talking with a marketing company and they don’t ask you that, that means you are about to get a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-some solution. Recently, Infusionsoft surveyed 850 American small businesses – half of which are Infusionsoft customers and half are not. Infusionsoft is a marketing-automation company that is specifically ...

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The Fruits of Your Labor

I’ve  written before on this blog about how different dentists define success. With Labor Day coming up, this seems like a good time to revisit that topic. Before defining different ways to succeed, let me ask this: are you happy? Are the hours that you put in treating patients, doing follow-ups, and managing the various aspects of your practice fulfilling? Is your staff enthusiastic and energetic? Are you comfortable financially? Do you see good growth prospects for your practice? If so, congratulations. In my book, you’re eminently successful. Or, are there too many days when ...

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Pro Tip: Dodge that Magic Bullet!

No dentist thinks he is looking for a magic bullet to improve his practice. But the truth is, many of you are. To all dentists who think that one big thing, a magic bullet, can provide you all the patients you need to grow your practice: I’m sorry to tell you that you are wrong. You want a simple solution, wrapped up in a nice little bow, that someone can put in your hands and say, “Here you go. Now patients will start beating down your door.” It doesn’t work like that. No one thing, however shiny or tech-sounding, will bring you new patients: Not a great website. Not ...

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10 Lessons from Dental Successes and Failures

There is a saying that you learn as much from your parents about how NOT to parent as you do about how TO parent. Following other dentists’ lead is much the same: Follow the lead of successful people and learn from the mistakes of those who fail. Here are five things that successful dentists do: Know a little about business, but don’t think you know it all. Very few successful dentists are their own business manager, accountant, marketing director and human resources director. Most successful dentists establish the OVERALL management of the practice, but leave the details to ...

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