What’s Your Dental Value Proposition?

It’s all too easy to view dentistry as transactional – you provide services, and the patient and/or the insurance company pays you for your efforts. For dentists who market based on price, specials, and discounts, holding that view is understandable. But that view doesn’t go nearly far enough if you want to grow your practice. Dentists today are assumed to be competent. Unless you give dental prospects reasons to choose you to solve their dental problems, there are any number of dentists with whom they can “transact business.” Those patients are generally price-shoppers, ...

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Why You Shouldn’t Be the Hardest-Working Dentist in Town

There’s a belief in the U.S and other countries that hard work is the key to success. While there are certainly industries where that’s true, dentistry isn’t one of them. Dentists are an elite group providing elite, often life-changing services. There’s absolutely no reason why dentistry should be reduced to a “grind it out” formula for success. And yet, that’s the approach that far too many dentists still take. That’s a shame, because SmartBox has proven that there’s a far better way to succeed in dentistry. Work Richer, Not Harder The key to making more money ...

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Is the Single-Dentist Practice Doomed?

According to a recent article, more and more new dental school graduates are choosing one of two paths – going to work for a large group practice, or purchasing an existing practice. The combination of high dental school debt, the outlay for facilities and equipment, and staffing up a new practice can put a new dentist some $750 thousand dollars in debt. That’s a powerful disincentive for many, and those new dentists are going to work for corporate chains or local group practices. Either choice is bad news for the single-dentist practice. Corporate chains are long on cash, with ...

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Enhance Your Dental Patients’ Experience to Win

What are your dental prospects looking for? The bottom line is that all of them are looking for someone to solve their dental problems. But there are two distinct groups within your prospects – those who are primarily price- and insurance-driven, and those who aren’t. That second group has the patients you need to grow your practice and succeed. There are many people in the U.S. population with the discretionary income to choose a dentist based on their expectations of a superior outcome, which includes a superior patient experience. That’s a crucial distinction in these ...

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Why Your Dental Practice Must Be Patient-Centric

It’s sad but true: dentistry is still associated with pain, discomfort, and embarrassment in the minds of too many people. That leads to untreated decay, untreated gum disease, and a host of other dental problems. Dentistry has begun to reverse that perception by emphasizing pain-free dentistry, additional comfort items for patients, and sedation dentistry for the anxious and fearful. In fact, patient comfort and a patient-centric approach have become the defining hallmarks of many successful dental practices. The takeaway from this is that patients today are less concerned about ...

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Don’t Be “The Masked Dentist”

If you’ve ever seen re-runs of the old series “The Lone Ranger” on television, you know that the title character wore a mask that (sort of) concealed his identity while he went around righting wrongs. No one ever explained why his faithful companion, Tonto, didn’t wear a mask. Or, for that matter, his horse Trigger who was rather easily recognized. Anyway, if you’ve watched the show you might have heard this iconic line: “Who was that masked man? I wanted to thank him.” There are times when masks are necessary; for infection control and hygiene considerations while ...

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3 Must-Do Tech Trends for Dentists in 2016

It’s an increasingly “techie” world, and dental practices aren’t immune to new developments. Here are three trends you’ll want to adopt this year to ensure that your patients’ experiences with your practice are as positive as possible. Let’s start with your online marketing and communications.       1.  Security is no longer an option. With more and more communication and transactions moving online, keeping your patients’ data safe is crucial. That’s not only true from a patient relations standpoint; the HIPAA penalties for a data breach can range from as little ...

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“Postcard” Marketing for Dentists: Wish You Were Here?

Remember when your friends or relatives used to snail-mail picture postcards from their vacation destinations? In addition to a breathtaking or funny picture, almost all of them included the line, “Wish You Were Here.” And, a few lines from the sender about how great the resort or getaway was. Or, the fact that it rained the entire time, the food was lousy, and the staff was rude. Today, people are much more likely to send selfies attached to a text message, but the principle still holds: people who find something they really like and enjoy are likely to share with others. The same ...

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