The Four Horsemen of Dentistry Are Coming for You

There’s a storm coming, and dental practices aren’t prepared for a tempest of this magnitude. Most dental practices will be caught flat-footed. If yours is one of the uninformed, unprepared practices, everything you’ve spent years building can be swept away. Fortunately, you have some advance warning thanks to my new, groundbreaking book. “The Four Horsemen of Dentistry: Survival Strategies for the Dental Practice Under Siege” is available now at! Your practice might have weathered the Great Recession of 2009 in decent shape. If so, ...

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Why Your Dental Marketing is Failing You

As a group, dentists keep abreast of the latest developments in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental issues. As a group, they tend to be a little tardy in adopting best practices when it comes to their dental marketing. Most dentists today still market like the dentists of 15 years ago, with the exception of having a website. There’s not anything wrong with that approach, per se, except that dentists overwhelmingly still use the same value propositions in their marketing. How’s It Look From the Bottom? If you’re advertising on the basis of price, specials, and ...

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Your Dental Practice Is Under Siege

Sometimes, you see them coming. Sometimes you don’t notice until they have you surrounded. Dental practices in the United States are facing a “perfect storm.” That’s a strong statement, but there’s strong proof to back it up. And if your practice isn’t prepared, everything you’ve worked so hard to build may be destroyed. The forces driving this dental apocalypse have been building for some time. It’s only recently has a pattern become clear: those forces are converging and will combine into an unstoppable economic wave. Corporate dentistry is the first of those ...

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Why You’re Losing Dental Prospects

There’s no doubt that dentists are very intelligent, dedicated, and talented group of people. There’s also no doubt that dentists are as different as everyone else – different beliefs, different pastimes, different interests. But when it comes to the one thing that matters to your dental prospects, there’s no difference between dentists. Dentists today are assumed to be competent. That comes with the credential. But when it comes to the nuances between dentists, what makes a dentist more suitable for certain patients or conditions than others, your prospects are basically ...

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Can Dentists Survive Without Insurance Reimbursement?

According to the ADA, private insurance was the single largest source of payment for dentists in 2015, amounting to more than 41 percent. That’s both good news and bad news. It’s good news because your dental patients and prospects aren’t reliant solely on their own financial resources to obtain dental care. It’s bad news because dental insurance reimbursements are continually being squeezed. In the face of declining reimbursements, dentists as a group tend to make up the lost revenue by advertising lower prices. Essentially, they’re trading quantity for quality. But all ...

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When Dentists Need to Take Drastic Steps

You may know of Mike Napoli, formerly first baseman for the Red Sox and now a free agent. What you may not know about is his years-long struggle to sleep. Mike had severe sleep apnea. He was waking 50 to 100 times or more a night and as a result, never getting into REM sleep. Unrefreshed every morning, he was basically sleepwalking through eight years of his professional career. Napoli tried the usual remedies – a CPAP machine, medication, and dental mouthpiece, alone and in combination. Nothing worked. Finally, he agreed to a drastic step – bimaxillary reconstruction ...

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