Dentists Should Work Less And Enjoy Life More

Done right, dentistry is a great profession. In fact, it’s continually ranked as one of the two best professions in the United States. There are too many dentists who are working too hard for too long for too little who might have trouble believing that ranking. Dental practices nationwide are under a lot of pressure from corporate dentistry, declining insurance reimbursements, and increased overall competition. Too many in dentists vying for the same pool of prospects in a given market depresses prices. Dentists typically seem a stream of relatively low case-value patients who are ...

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What Will Your Dental Practice Sell For?

There are very, very few dentists who practice for their entire lives. More often, some dentists have a good long run of 30 or 40 years before easing into retirement. For others, running a dental practice only lasts 15 or 20 years before they’re looking for a buyer for their practice. Regardless, when the time comes for you, will your practice sell for enough to finance your retirement or your next business venture? If you’re marketing your practice like most dentists, maybe not. It doesn’t matter how long your timeline might be, the time is now to begin prepping your practice for ...

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