Sell Benefits First, Not the Dental Procedure

It’s odd how often people fail to connect the dots. Seemingly intelligent people often get hung up on a single point and don’t think things through to a conclusion. That happens often when dental patients are presented with a case solution. Stumbling Blocks When presenting a case solution to a possibly reluctant patient, you’ll be more successful if you think about what might trip that patient up in their decision process. Procedure Most people don’t want to know the details of a dental procedure. Frankly, most of them don’t need to know, because all it will do is to ...

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How’s Your Dental Case Acceptance Rate?

There were some very interesting finding in a recent online article. A study was conducted on the national case acceptance rate and the results will be gratifying or dismaying, depending on how well you’re doing at selling your case solutions. The national average for dental case acceptance is 61%. The takeaway here is that there is a whole lot of business walking out the door. The article lists three possible reasons why dentists have trouble persuading more patients to better their lives. They don’t teach selling in dental school and dentists are uncomfortable being out ...

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