How’s That Monthly Dental Advertising Thing Going?

I’ve met many dentists who can’t escape that “hamster on a treadmill” feeling. They’d prefer to spend more time solving patients’ dental problems. Instead, they have to take time away from clinical practice every single month to figure out their advertising for the next month. This is not why dentists spend four years in dental school. Not only that, marketing wasn’t on the curriculum. Not only is a traditional advertising approach annoying to dentists, its value is questionable. Dentists advertise on price, specials, coupons, and availability. So does every other dentist ...

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Does Offline Dental Marketing Still Work?

Before the internet became a simple fact of everyday life, dentists reached their prospects via newspaper ads, outdoor boards, the occasional TV or radio spot, and postcard campaigns. You might think that in this internet age “offline marketing” is no longer a viable way to attract new patients. You’d be wrong. It’s not an “either-or” question. It’s a question of what’s right for your practice and your market. Today’s Offline Media The sound-and-sight aspects of the internet can be very compelling for getting your marketing messages to your dental prospects. Your ...

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Make Your Slowest Months Average Months

Right now you are probably enjoying one of your busiest times of the year. But it won’t be long until your practice starts to slow down. Most dentists find that July, September and December are their slowest months. Your slow months may vary, but how much would it add to your business if you could just make those three months average? Even the traditionally slow months for your practice can bring in more patients if you understand the opportunities, needs and motivators for your patients to get into the chair during those times. Here are some suggestions: Now is a great time to ...

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Be the Captain of the Boat You Build

I know you’re busy. And I have to say, it’s probably not going to let up for a while. But there’s a difference between investing effort to keep yourself afloat swimming out there in the middle of the “ocean” and investing effort to build a boat. When you build the “boat,” you work for a while, but eventually your investment makes that work (flapping your arms so you don’t drown) unnecessary. You just hop in the boat and sail into the sunset. A lot of dentists all over the country work extremely hard trying to attract patients to their practice. They sit and think, ...

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