You, Dental Author?

One of the realities in today’s crowded dental marketplace is that you have to differentiate yourself from your competition to succeed. An excellent way of setting yourself apart is by publishing a book. Before you stop reading this article, because there’s no way on earth that you’d have the time, let me reassure you that the entire process is a great deal easier than you might think. A well-written book with your name, picture, and bio on it is an excellent lure for new dental patients. It immediately establishes you as an expert and gives them a reason to trust and to choose ...

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The Secret of Special Offers

Max Gotcher and Mike Abernathy over at Summit Practice Solutions are good friends of ours and SmartBox clients. They’re also really good at helping dentists get their practice in order and focus on more traditional marketing. I read one of their blog posts and found a lot of similarities between what Max and Mike recommend dentists do with print ads (one of their focus areas) and online marketing (our area). In previous posts, I discussed the general do’s and don’ts of ads. So, let’s see how the do’s and don’ts stack up for special offers. One of the foundational items in ...

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Make Potential Patients Offers They Can’t Resist

OK, so you’re hitting the ears and eyeballs of potential patients. Now what? Let’s talk about how to draw patients with a magnet, and it has nothing to do with how much metal they have in their teeth! You want to capture leads. This is where you use your lead magnets. At SmartBox, we talk about these as dental advertising lures. What can you give someone to entice them to give your their name, email address and other information? You may remember that a previous post talked about Dr. Robert Cialdini’s principles of influence, and this fits in with his principle of ...

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