Social Media: What’s Working for Dental Practices

Gallup produced a report last year called “The Myth of Social Media,” summarizing the results from more than 18,000 personal interviews about the influence social media has on their purchasing decisions. 62 percent of people said it has NO INFLUENCE AT ALL. Only 5 percent said social media has a great deal of influence. 30 percent said it has some influence. Now you might be asking yourself, but what about these digital natives, people in the mid-30s and below who grew up with the Internet? Forty-eight percent of those millennials said social media has no influence on their ...

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Increase Your Email Conversions: 4 Tips

You have a patient and prospective patient email list. Great! Now, what will you do with it to actually get more and better patients? You can’t just assume because someone has agreed to let you email them that they are actually going to read your emails. You are competing with the entire rest of the world for that prospect’s time and attention. And if your emails aren’t attention-grabbing and reader-friendly, they likely won’t be read. That means that the money and time you’re investing in email marketing is wasted. Your ROI is essentially zero. So what are you going to do ...

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Guilt-Free Selling

Let’s hop aboard the lifecycle marketing train again. “Sell.” There. It’s out in the open. “Sell” is a four-letter word to many of you. You don’t want to be a salesman, you want to be a dentist. But if you want to get another four-letter word, “paid,” you’re going to have to sell. That brings us to today’s topic: convert sales. This is where the prospect says, “I like what you have to say. I’m going to set up an appointment.” And that’s what you want: appointments. Fannies in chairs. Hands in mouths. However you want to look at it. Here is where it gets ...

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Good Web Copy Attracts Patients

Thanks to changes to the Google search engine in the last couple of years, you can no longer stuff dozens of web pages with keywords to increase your page rank. The best way to get people to your website is to have REAL, USABLE copy. Two things usually happen. Dentists either write about what interests themselves or they think nobody cares about dentistry. Neither is correct. The best way to make copy interesting is to write about what the consumer of the information NEEDS. What do they care about? What are their pain points? All copy should answer your potential patients’ one ...

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