Your Online Dental Content Has To Rock

One bit of marketing wisdom that’s been floating around for some time is that “Content is king” where Google is concerned. That wisdom holds true today and will probably remain so for a long time to come. Google has evolved its search results to provide the best possible user experience. According to a recent report, Google factors in such things as the user’s location, the time of day, previous searches, and the phrasing of the search request to decide which results to show. With all of that being equal, Google returns the results that it deems best answers the searcher’s ...

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Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Dental Content?

Content is king on when it comes to being found on Google. But for dentists, as well as almost every other business, the right amount of content is the key to keeping your website ranking high. There are two reasons why too much content is a bad thing: keyword dilution, and reader fatigue. Keyword dilution can happen in several ways. The most common is to put too many common keywords across all of your site’s pages. Just as an example, you might include the phrase, “(City, state’s) preferred dentist” on all or almost all your pages – whether it’s appropriate or not. If you ...

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Your Website is Driving Dental Prospects Away

There are nearly 100,000 dental practices in this country according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Virtually all of those practices have a website. Very few of those websites are constructed to attract new dental patients. That last statement probably flies in the face of what you believe, particularly if you’re getting a decent amount of people calling for appointments. You might be one the rare exceptions. But have you ever asked yourself how many more new patients you could be getting? Where Dentists Go Wrong The biggest problem with most dentists’ marketing is that they ...

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Dentists Should Keep What They “Catch”

Too many dentists are caught in a revolving door syndrome. New patients come in, have a minimal amount of work done, and disappear. There’s no patient loyalty, no effort to refer other patients, and minimal return for your marketing investment. Done properly, dentistry shouldn’t be a catch-and-release sport. You need patients who will stay, pay, and refer to grow your practice and fund your retirement. Part of the reason you’re catching the wrong “fish” is that you’re probably using the wrong bait. The vast majority of dentists market their practices on price, specials, ...

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When Your Dental Content “Muse” is AWOL

One of the requirements for your dental website to rank high in organic search is to have fresh, authoritative content that answers searchers’ queries. Keeping that content fresh can be a challenge for dentists. Not everyone is naturally inclined toward writing and not everyone is skilled at producing content that is written a a level that your prospects will easily understand. Add in the fact that producing online content doesn’t directly make dentists any money and it’s no wonder that websites are often a “fire and forget” project for dental practices. In today’s ...

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Is Your Dental Content Marketing A Help or a Hindrance?

Today’s dental landscape is hugely competitive. More and more dentists are using every means at their disposal to get and keep their name in front of their prospects. Content marketing is one very popular way to maintain name recognition and influence new dental prospects. Dentists are assumed to competent these days and are therefore considered to be largely interchangeable. Patients have no reason to choose one dentist over another except for price, insurance, and/or availability. Content marketing, done well, takes the dentist out of the “herd” and establishes him or her as an ...

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The Dental Amalgam Debate Resurfaces

Researchers at the University of Georgia have rekindled the dental amalgam debate by releasing the results of a study involving more than 15,000 individuals. The very robust study, reported in September, showed that persons with eight or more silver amalgam fillings had 1.5 times the level of mercury compared to people with no silver fillings. The study controlled for confounding factors such as gender, ethnicity, race, smoking, seafood consumption, age, and education. The report also notes that people with eight or more amalgam fillings had higher levels of the most toxic form of ...

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