Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Dental Content?

Content is king on when it comes to being found on Google. But for dentists, as well as almost every other business, the right amount of content is the key to keeping your website ranking high. There are two reasons why too much content is a bad thing: keyword dilution, and reader fatigue. Keyword dilution can happen in several ways. The most common is to put too many common keywords across all of your site’s pages. Just as an example, you might include the phrase, “(City, state’s) preferred dentist” on all or almost all your pages – whether it’s appropriate or not. If you ...

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More is Not Better for Dental Websites

Content is and probably always will be king as far as Google is concerned, but dentists should be wary about adding content just to try to score higher in search engine results pages (SERP). That’s not to say that content doesn’t need to be kept fresh; that four-year-old article on dental implants isn’t likely to score well. But Google is far less concerned with the quantity of content than with the quality. Quality content is Expert, Authoritative, and Trustworthy and does an excellent job of answering searchers’ questions. If you’re loading down your website with additional ...

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Is Your Dental Content Marketing A Help or a Hindrance?

Today’s dental landscape is hugely competitive. More and more dentists are using every means at their disposal to get and keep their name in front of their prospects. Content marketing is one very popular way to maintain name recognition and influence new dental prospects. Dentists are assumed to competent these days and are therefore considered to be largely interchangeable. Patients have no reason to choose one dentist over another except for price, insurance, and/or availability. Content marketing, done well, takes the dentist out of the “herd” and establishes him or her as an ...

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7 Must-Do’s for Your Dental Social Media Writing

Most of us don’t have a natural talent for writing well. When it comes to writing for online consumption, writing well is even more difficult. Why? It’s one thing to settle down with a good book or magazine. People expect to spend some time reading those. It’s another to read something online, where most people are looking for information quickly. If you don’t grab their attention right off the bat, and keep it, they’ll move on. With that in mind, here are 7 writing must-do’s for your dental blog or other social media. Keep it short and simple. People’s ...

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Three Not-so-Fun Facts About Your Dental Marketing

Social media marketing for dentists is a hot topic, and it’s not surprising. The explosion in social media venues shows no sign of slowing, and use of social media is showing year-over-year growth. Marketers are quick to point out the wide reach that social media provides. Facebook is the unquestioned leader in social media with over 1.55 billion active users. The average American is on Facebook for 40 minutes every day. The other social media forums – Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on – don’t even come close. It sounds like Facebook advertising for your ...

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Dental Practice Blogging: 6 Pitfalls to Avoid

Dental practice blogs can be great vehicles for keeping your name in front of the patient population, for keeping your patients informed, and for increasing your search engine page ranking. Not to mention hopefully leading to new patient conversions. That’s when dental practice blogs are done right. However, there are a number of mistakes that dentists can make on their dental practice blogs that can turn off and turn away prospective patients. Let's take a look at six pitfalls that can snare the new blogger and, over time, even the savviest marketing dental blogger. Writing ...

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Your Dental Marketing: 6 Horrible Mistakes

Since you read this blog, you are already more savvy than 99 percent of the dentists out there. But no matter how savvy you are, you could still be making a few mistakes in your web marketing. In fact, you are almost certainly making at least one. You’re probably making several, in fact. Some dentists are making all of them. This blog has covered all of them at one time or another. But we can only give you the information – we can’t make you implement it. Here they are: You are not tracking your marketing. How do you know if you are getting your money’s worth if you ...

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Why Aren’t Your Emails Read? Five Tips

You can put a lot of time and effort into email marketing, but if prospects just delete your messages, it’s all for naught. If they’re deleting without reading, it may be time to weed them out from your email list. Or not. There may well be another reason that your emails aren’t being read. Assuming that the people on your list want to hear from you, here are five ways you can improve your chances of getting your emails read. Notice that isn’t five ways we can guarantee your messages will get read. That’s because there is no way to guarantee that, and anyone who says ...

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Good Web Copy Attracts Patients

Thanks to changes to the Google search engine in the last couple of years, you can no longer stuff dozens of web pages with keywords to increase your page rank. The best way to get people to your website is to have REAL, USABLE copy. Two things usually happen. Dentists either write about what interests themselves or they think nobody cares about dentistry. Neither is correct. The best way to make copy interesting is to write about what the consumer of the information NEEDS. What do they care about? What are their pain points? All copy should answer your potential patients’ one ...

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A Panda Can Be Your Friend (If You Feed It Right)

When you hear the word Panda, most of you think about the lovable, black and white bear from China that eats bamboo. And eats bamboo, and eats bamboo. As cute as pandas are, they probably won’t do much to boost your dental practice’s marketing. A different kind of Panda, though, could significantly boost your business. Achieving top-of-the-page results in Google searches is the goal of all web marketing. Seventy percent of all searches are done on Google, and 75 percent of people never look past page 1 in a search. So, when Google talks about changes to its search algorithms, ...

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