The Last Refuge is the Last Place Dentists Should Go

Even dentists who have been in practice for years can be assailed by self-doubt. All it takes is a series of bad months to have them doubting their marketing practices and even their competence as business owners. When that happens, there’s an all-too-natural tendency to run for cover. Unfortunately, that’s the last thing dentists should do. “Cover,” for dentists, is to begin cutting their prices in hopes of getting more patients through the door. What happens when you cut prices? Your competitors take notice, and they begin cut prices to match you. Then you have to cut yours ...

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What are YOUR Patient Attraction Assets?

Let’s do a little thought exercise: Imagine all of the prospective patients that come to your website in a given month. Now imagine if you had to stand out in front of your office and talk to each one as they went by. That would get tiring. You’d be saying the same thing over and over again. Answering the same questions. Calming the same fears. It would get really old, really fast. That would be a zero leverage activity and something you probably wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. So just imagine if you could “clone yourself” and put a version of you out in front of ...

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The Heart Surgeon vs. The Used Car Salesman

What’s the difference between a heart surgeon and a used car salesmen? The first key is TRUST. People trust heart surgeons; they don’t trust used car salesmen. The second key is the amount of PAIN that the client is in. The more pain, the more valuable the solution and relief of that pain becomes. Not having a dependable car might be inconvenient or even downright annoying, but it’s not exactly painful. In the dental world, your potential clients are actually experiencing pain. Sometimes that pain is physical, which is something you see often. But often times, that pain ...

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Standing out is critical to reaching new patients

In the last blog post I talked about attracting the patients you want. But there are two parts to that, aren’t there? There’s hitting the bull’s-eye of the patients you want, and then there is the attraction part. So you can identify the patients you want through: Financial demographics Age demographics Location Problems that you can solve But what about the part where those ideal patients want to come to YOU? Pick a city and you'll be able to find at least a dozen dentists using one of the six Big We's: "We're the best cosmetic dentist." "We practice pain free ...

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