Colin Receveur

Colin Receveur, CEO of SmartBox, is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and patient attraction expert. SmartBox’s Patient Attraction System™ has delivered more and better patients to hundreds of dentists around the world. SmartBox takes a holistic approach to patient attraction by handling everything under one roof. The Patient Attraction System™ is focused on results rather than clicks. SmartBox has a solution for every struggling private practice dentist as well as dentists ready to take their practice to the next level. SmartBox dentists are enjoying more profits, attracting big case dentistry, expanding their practice services, working fewer hours, and even retiring early.

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Young Entreprenuer

Colin’s path into patient attraction was inspired by his parents. His father is successful dentist and great marketer, while his mother serves as an elite sales consultant at a Fortune 100 company. Colin began designing websites and dabbling in affiliate marketing at a young age, and he launched SmartBox while he was still in high school.

Colin writes and produces the Patient Attraction Podcast™ and monthly Patient Attraction Magazine™, and he has written five books.

Partial List of Speaking Engagements

  • Townie Meeting
  • Star of the North Meeting (Minnesota Dental Association)
  • Dentaltown/Farran Media
  • Excellence in Dentistry
  • The Profitable Dentist
  • Big Case Marketing
  • Capacity Academy
  • Infusionsoft PartnerCon
  • National Association of Independent Medical Practices
  • Academy of General Dentistry Podcast
  • Dental Doc Talk Radio
  • Delivering WOW Dental Podcast
  • Dentistry IQ

What Dentists, Marketing Experts Have to Say

Give Colin Receveur a try. You won’t be sorry.
- Dr. Mitchel Friedman Newman Springs Dental Care
We use him, and probably the greatest endorsement I can give is that we encourage our clients to work with Colin. We want them to be successful.
- Dr. Michael Abernathy Founder, Summit Practice Solutions
I saw Colin and maybe saw an advertisement that he did. I think what it was is he advertised his book. I got his book and started reading it. I got through maybe 70 or 80 pages and said, ‘This is it. I don’t even need to read the rest of the book.
- Dr. Lawrence Fox Virginia
Colin is a genius on all types of marketing, and he has several books and DVDs that dentists across the country are using.
- Dr. Woody Oakes President, The Profitable Dentist
Colin Receveur and SmartBox are rewriting the way new patient marketing needs to be done!
- Dr. David Moffet The Ultimate Dental Patient Experience
Within four months we went from being nonexistent on Google to being on the first page.
- Max Gotcher CEO & Co-Founder, Summit Practice Solutions
You want to be comfortable with the person you’re doing business with. It comes down to that. For SmartBox, what really was interesting to me was to see that you can set it up until the person feels like you’re an expert. They look at it from a holistic approach. It’s not just search and optimization, it’s not just pay-per-click, it’s not just the website revisions, not just SEO, it’s not just social media. It’s the whole combination.
- Corey Hurcomb Tulip Tree Dental Care
Colin got me a great website, and I’m currently getting 10 patients or more per month. With my preceding company, I got zero, so I am really excited to endorse this company. Give them a call.
- Dr. Doug Forbes Columbia, South Carolina
I actually met Colin at a seminar down in McKinney, Texas. I introduced myself to him, and he had some great marketing ideas with drip marketing and having a powerhouse team to do the online presence, the SEO with Google, and doing online drip marketing.
- Dr. Justin A. Leath Minnesota

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