Dental Web Marketing Expert Featured on Consultant Group’s Webinar

NEW ALBANY, IN – Colin Receveur, an expert in marketing for dentists, recently appeared on a dental consultancy firm’s webinar to describe the top ways dentists can achieve more patients, more profits and more freedom.

Receveur, who founded SmartBox Web Marketing in 2001, appeared on the free webinar presented by Capacity Academy, a company that provides business solutions and mentorship opportunities to dentists across the country. During the more than hourlong webinar with Dr. Chris Griffin, the founder of Capacity Academy, Receveur discussed ways dentists can use a systems-based marketing approach to attract more and better patients.

“The digital tools are right at the dentist’s fingertips, but they have to know how to use those tools in order to get the right patients at the right time,” Receveur said. “With our patient-attraction system, doctors are bringing in more patients and increasing their overall annual collections.”

Receveur spoke with Griffin about some of the biggest hurdles dentists are facing today and provided solutions on how dentists can gain an edge in their competitive markets. Receveur said dentists in private practice seeking fee-for-service patients face depleting insurance reimbursements and the expansion of corporate dentistry. He outlined several points for how dentists can reach new patients by using digital tools like SEO, PPC, video and automated email marketing.

“Dentists often get distracted by the shiny objects in marketing and forget that patients need to know why they should choose that practice,” Receveur said. “The patient-attraction system helps the doctor bring in the patients they want to treat, which then leads to better collections and more free time outside the office.”

The webinar was part of an ongoing partnership between SmartBox Web Marketing and Capacity Academy. SmartBox Web Marketing will sponsor Capacity Academy’s fourth annual dental innovative and technology summit in August. Receveur will be this year’s keynote speaker during the two-day event, which is scheduled for Aug. 14 and 15.

SmartBox Web Marketing offers an industry-leading dental web marketing system that includes web design; content management; video and multimedia productions; phone call tracking; customer-relations management; search engine optimization; blogging; social networking; mobile marketing; and reputation enhancement.

SmartBox Web Marketing is a top five certified partner worldwide of Infusionsoft, a global automated software provider, and the company’s number one partner exclusively serving dentists. Infusionsoft provides automated sequence and marketing campaign builders that help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their company.

Receveur is a nationally recognized speaker, author and Internet marketing expert. He has been featured in numerous dental publications, including Dental Economics magazine’s Dentistry IQ Video series and on the cover of The Profitable Dentist. SmartBox Web Marketing also has been featured as the corporate profile in Dentaltown, the number one dental trade magazine.

He also is the author of four best-selling books: The Dentists’ Strategy Guide to Video Marketing, How to Stay In Front of Your Patients Until They Are Ready to Buy, Web 3.0: What Every Dentist Must Know to Thrive in the New Economy and Attract More Patients in the Next 6 Months than in the Past 6 Years.

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SmartBox Web Marketing’s office is at 819 Mount Tabor Rd., No. 8, New Albany, Ind., and can be reached at 888-741-1413.