SmartBox Puts The POWER In Your Hands!

PracticeHQ™ Delivers Your Marketing
Data At A Glance

Knowledge is power, as they say, and dentists need all the near-real-time information they can get about their dental marketing performance.

What’s working, and how well? What’s wasting marketing dollars or flat not delivering enough New Patient Opportunities? How should you reallocate your investments?

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PracticeHQ™ from SmartBox is your all-inclusive,
easy-to-use marketing dashboard.

At a glance, you can view:

New Patient Opportunities 3-month trends (or customize your own date range):

  • New Patient Opportunity
    calls by day/time
  • New Patient Opportunity conversion rate
  • New Patients Appointed /
    Not Appointed
  • Answered call rate
  • Call recordings/analysis
  • Missed calls
  • New Patient Opportunities by Marketing Channel
  • New Patient Opportunity form submissions
  • Paid media campaign performance by platform
  • Social media performance by platform, day/time
  • New website visitors and time-on-site
  • Cost Per New Patient

And much more.

PracticeHQ™ is completely transparent; there’s no guesswork involved with deciding how to adjust your marketing investment for maximum performance. And with the unique insights you’ll gain from having all the data clearly laid out for you, you’ll be able to do exactly that!



Take Control Of Your Marketing Spend

No dental practice can afford to waste hard-earned marketing dollars. With PracticeHQ™, you can easily determine which channels are generating the most NPOs, and reallocate your marketing investments for maximum return.

You’ll also know the reason why new patient callers who could have been appointed weren’t. Address and correct problem areas in your front office’s phone technique and appoint many more new patients.

More Information
  • Improve on the previous day’s, week’s, or month’s performance.

    Improve on the previous day’s, week’s, or month’s performance.

  • Detect downward trends.

    Detect downward trends.

  • Keep your schedule full and your revenues growing.

    Keep your schedule full and your revenues growing.

SmartBox’s PracticeHQ™ is THE single-source interface that puts YOU in control of your dental marketing.

This is simply the best investment you can make in your success!

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