Your Practice Is in Trouble Without Dental Testimonials

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Patient Attraction Episode 892

When people today are looking for a dentist, they overwhelmingly begin their search online. Part of that search includes patient testimonials. Without high-quality testimonials, those dental prospects will pass you by and select another dentist. I’ll be back to tell you how to get testimonials and what they should focus on. Stay tuned.

– Thanks for tuning in to the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– The days of new patients finding your dental practice through your Yellow Pages ad are gone, because almost no one uses the Yellow Pages anymore.

– Your dental prospects are looking online, and according to Google, they’ll consult more than 10 sources of information before making a decision.

– Those sources will include your website, your social media, and your patient testimonials.

– In fact, online testimonials are the new word-of-mouth advertising.

– Written testimonials are good, but seeing and hearing someone praise the experience they had and the results they got from your practice is much better.

– That’s why video testimonials are so important in helping you get more new patients.

– Not all video testimonials are created equal, though.

– Watching someone gush about how wonderful your practice has been is less effective than someone who talks specifically about things your prospects care about.

– That includes coping with dental anxiety or fear, having their appointments fit into their busy schedules, financing options, or emergency services.

– More patients than you might think will be willing to give you a video testimonial if you make it as easy and painless for them as possible.

– They’ll also be more willing if you incentivize them, assuming your state allows that.

– Make sure you have a comfortable, distraction-free setting to shoot the testimonial.

– Give each patient a number of takes, so they can get comfortable being on camera.

– Your patients aren’t on-camera professional talent, so nobody will expect them to speak grammatically or flawlessly.

– Let your patients speak in their own words, but try to get them to focus on a specific aspect of their experience as well as how wonderful everybody is.

– Your prospects will watch more than one testimonial, and they’ll eventually find one that speaks to their particular concerns.

– And those testimonials are the ones that will tip their decisions in your favor.

– High-quality patient testimonials need to look good as well as sound good.

– So take some care with the lighting and the sound.

– Effective patient testimonials will attract more new dental patients to your practice.

– And if you’d like to learn more about attracting the patients YOU want, go to

– Be sure to watch our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.