Your Dental Prospects are Tracking Your Response Time

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Patient Attraction Episode 867

There’s an app for everything, they say, and now there are applications that will track your dental practice’s response time on social media. It won’t be long until online review sites routinely include response time as one of their measures. I’ll explain how dentists can score well on response time when we come back. Stay tuned.

– Welcome back to the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– Dentists typically think of response time as how long it takes for someone to answer the phone and how long someone spends on hold.

– But response time also includes the time needed to answer prospects’ email inquiries, fulfill requests for dental information, and respond on social media.

– In this increasingly impatient world, a short response time is a positive measure of a company’s quality.

– How’s yours?

– Facebook initiated its response rate and response time badge about a year ago.

– When a company reaches response times of 15 minutes or less, and a response rate above 90 percent for a week, the company gets a green badge.

– That badge goes away when a company’s response rate and/or time have dropped.

– Your dental prospects can tell at a glance whether your dental practice is “Very responsive to messages.”

– Twitter is doing something similar on a provisional basis.

– It’s not clear whether Twitter’s responsiveness gauge will become permanent.

– As I mentioned earlier, it’s very likely that customer ratings of responsiveness will show up more and more on review sites.

– People expect excellent service these days, and your dental practice has to step up or fall behind.

– Customer service begins with your office phone.

– You need some way to accurately know how many calls go unanswered, how many callers are put on hold, and how callers are treated.

– We offer our dentists our exclusive Zetetics® phone tracking service that tracks the marketing source of each call and automatically records it.

– We review every call for every dentist to help their staff achieve very high phone answering rates and impeccable phone skills.

– Dr. Michael Whyte, a dentist in Williamsburg, Virginia, needed a way to keep track of all his phone calls.

– “If the phone rang 2 or 3 times a day, we were thrilled. We were just, you know, quiet. We were cutting down our hours to part time.

-“We went ahead and rolled out with SmartBox, and the difference was just profound.

– “We had over 400 calls one week. We were very seriously considering bringing on more staff just to answer the phone.” 

– Dr. Whyte knows how many calls he’s getting because we tell him.

– To learn more about our Zetetics phone tracking service, visit

– Until next time, keep moving forward.