Your Dental Mobile Website: Patients Want

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A survey released in 2015 showed that mobile searches for doctors and dentists ranked fourth-highest out of 20 categories. Not only is a mobile website essential for dentists but you have to give them what they want when patients get there. I’ll explain after the break.

– Let’s continue our look at the importance of mobile-optimized websites for dental practices.

– I’m Colin Receveur, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Yesterday’s episode revealed just how prevalent mobile search is becoming.

– Based on the results of a survey released last year, 77 percent of users used their mobile devices to search one or more times.

– Nearly one-fourth searched once a week or more often.

– And 27 percent searched at least once for a doctor or dentist.

– 61 percent are more likely to contact you if you have a mobile website.

– Having a website that’s optimized for mobile viewing is crucial if you want potential patients to choose you.

– Because if your site doesn’t work well on their phone or tablet, they’ll choose another dentist.

– Today, let’s look at what patients value once they’re on your mobile site.

– In descending order: your physical address, maps and driving directions, hours of operation, and your phone number.

– So, where are you, how do I find you, are you open, and what number do I call?

– That suggests that mobile search users may be more ready to contact you than non-mobile searchers.

– And the flip side of this is that the things most likely to STOP mobile searchers from using your practice are the LACK of a map, physical address, and phone number.

– Nearly three-quarters of mobile searchers expect you to have a mobile-optimized site.

– And nearly 9 out of 10 are put off if your site doesn’t work well on their device.

– Remember that key number: 61 percent are more likely to contact you if your site works on their mobile device.

– These are people you may or may not already be marketing to.

– They may be people who have found you on their own.

– AND who are ready to contact you for services.

– A dentist who doesn’t give ready-made customers what they want is missing out.

– Don’t be one of them.

– In today’s fast-moving world, people value ease of locating information, ease of website use, and ease of contact.

– Having a mobile-optimized website, like the ones we build for all of our clients, is one of the best ways to give potential patients what they want.


– Almost every dentist wants more and better patients.

– If your website doesn’t work well across all devices, or if it doesn’t contain up front the information that mobile search users value, you won’t get those patients.

– That concludes our two-day look at dental mobile websites.

– Join me tomorrow when I’ll discuss why searching for the magic bullet of dental marketing will get you nowhere.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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