Your Dental Marketing Emails Suck But There is Hope

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Patient Attraction Episode 666

Your emails aren’t producing results because because emails are losing their effect on potential patients. Your emails aren’t producing results because the message is WRONG. When we return, I’ll have some little-known ways you can create, organize, and distribute emails to draw more and better patients.

– You are constantly looking for new patients.

– You want to know what new marketing gadgets and gizmos will be game-changers for your dental practice, but I have a word of warning before you get TOO FAR ahead of yourself.

– One of the most effective marketing tools has been hiding right under your nose – or maybe you just have not tapped into its power.

– The good news is that you don’t have to look very far or understand a bunch of techy lingo you neither understand nor care about.  

– I’m talking about email marketing!

– There’s a way to reach countless new prospects through a special type of email marketing called drip marketing.

– Drip marketing isn’t just one email; it’s a series of emails that develop a positive relationship between you and the prospective patient.

– Email drip marketing allows our dentists to stay in front of potential patients until that patient is ready to set an appointment.

– Now, of course, this is no small chore – hence why SO many dentists have never optimized this area of marketing.

– Great email marketing requires you to communicate what your patients or potential patients want to know while also expressing what makes your practice unique.

– You have to personalize everything and make the recipient comfortable with you and your practice.

– We all want comfort while making purchasing decisions, and we’re more likely to do business with someone we like.

– Today our dentists are treating the patients they want in part because of successful email marketing campaigns.

– I’m shocked to learn about the many dentists who are not using email marketing to its full potential.

– Instead, they elect to toss thousands of dollars into marketing campaigns that are overly confusing and next to impossible to track.

– Our goal is to set our dentists up with campaigns that deliver more and better patients through a proven all-systems marketing approach.

– That’s why I want to tell you about my book “Attract More Patients in the Next Six Months Than in the Last Six Years.” The book is the culmination of all my marketing expertise, and it can be yours for only the $4.97 cost of shipping at while supplies last.

– Tomorrow I’ll be back with a special Wayback Wednesday Podcast that you CAN’T afford to miss.  

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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