Your Blog: The New Face of Business

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Patient Attraction Episode 320

Hello again, Colin Receveur here. Today we are continuing our look at how social media can have a huge impact on your online presence by talking about blogs. Whether you have one or not, you won’t want to miss this! We’ll be back in just a moment!

– Welcome back as we talk about the role of blogging.

– We should first discuss the difference between a website and a blog, because while they might be connected, they are independent.

– Your website is where potential and current patients go for information about you and your practice.

– Your blog is the part of your website where patients go to find out who you are.

– This small piece of writing is a place where you can “let your hair down” and be more personable.

– Content for a blog is completely up to you, but you will want to make sure it is of interest to your patients.

– You might start with frequently asked questions, dental topics in the news, or a more casual look at the procedures you offer.

– This also is a great place to build on to your video library.

– Add video, pictures, or a diagram to your blog along with a brief explanation of why you think it is something of interest.

– Google loves to give you credit for blogs, especially if they show that you are an expert.

– How do you prove your knowledge?

– Write longer blogs of 500 or more words.

– You also can link other articles and blogs into your writing to show that you’ve done your research.

– Having an occasional 1,000- to 1,500-word blog also will catch Google’s eye in a good way.

– With all of that being said, I don’t want you to miss the big idea here.

– Your patients walk into your office, and they get to know you during their visits.

– They have a face for your practice.

– Potential patients haven’t had that opportunity, but they are looking!

– Where?

– At your online presence!

– A blog gives them an opportunity to see more from you than Facebook, Twitter, and the others allow.

– A blog allows you to really build a personality for potential patient to see.

– If you do it right, that potential patient will soon want to see more and will be coming into the office!

– Check back tomorrow as we explain how to tie all of these pieces together.

– Until then, keep moving forward.