You’ll Be Shocked By These Facts – Unless You’ve Been Listening to Me

Patient Attraction Episode 216

Hey everybody, Colin Receveur with SmartBox Web Marketing here today doing the best I can not to injure my shoulder patting myself on the back. I’m going to tell you why I’m so pleased with myself when we return.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– If you’re one of my clients of have been watching for any length of time, you know I preach two things:

– One, content marketing brings you more and better patients.

– And two, spending all day posting on Facebook and Twitter is a waste of your time.

– Some research came out earlier this year that validates both of those points.

–  An SEO company called BrightEdge has this huge set of websites that it studies.

– The folks at BrightEdge released a report that showed the majority (51 percent) of traffic on the websites they review came from organic search.

– This has caused a little bit of a stir among some online marketers.

– Especially the ones who want you to pay them to set up pay per click and social media campaigns.

– The idea that organic click still bring in more traffic than all other sources combined is a problem for those guys – but not us.

– This validates another point that I regularly preach: You want to dominate the first page of a Google search.

– The statistics behind this assertion are clear:

– 91 percent of consumers search to find info on the web, with 52 percent doing so daily

– 93 percent begin on a search engine and 75 percent never make it past the first page.

– So the idea that organic searches deliver people to your website is nothing new if you follow me.

– The studied looked at three other methods of delivering people to your website:

– Other, which combined display, email and referred

– Paid Search

– and Social.

– Other came in second at 34 percent.

– This also validates something I have preached: drip marketing.

– Keep your name in front of potential patients via email marketing, and eventually they will see what you are all about.

– So organic and other combine for 85 percent of all traffic.

– Well 10 of the remaining 15 percent of traffic comes from paid search.

– I am actually a little surprised by how low that number is, but that is not the most telling number from the report.

– We recommend paid search to our clients not because of the number of click-throughs but because of the quality of the click.

– If someone clicks on a paid online search, they are a hotter prospect on average.

– The report backs that up, showing that paid search drives a disproportionately high share of REVENUE compared to the number of leads.

– Finally, bringing up the rear, is social media.

– Only 5 percent of website traffic originates from social media.

– I tell my clients not to waste their time.

– In the current days of Internet marketing, I am swimming against the current on this one.

– There are plenty of companies that focus ONLY on social media marketing.

– Some of my big competitors are more than happy to take your money in exchange for “organic” social media marketing.

– That’s like stealing, in my book.

– Patients are not looking for a dentist on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

– So the ROI to have you or a member of your staff spend hours a day posting and following and Liking and sharing just isn’t high enough to be worth your time.

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– Until then, keep moving forward.



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