You May Never Watch This Podcast Again

Patient Attraction Episode 200

Welcome everyone to the 200th episode of the Patient Attraction Podcast. I am Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing, and today I’m going to say something that may convince you never to watch this podcast again. Stay tuned.

– It’s very exciting to have done 200 episodes of the podcast.

– If you go on our website, you can see how it has evolved from me doing the podcasts in my car to sitting at my desk to now in various offices in our worldwide headquarters.

– And in every episode I have tried to done ONE thing:

– Educate dentists about how to more effective market their practice.

– Now, that may mean hiring me.

– Or hiring someone else.

– Or doing it themselves.

– But the idea behind all of these podcasts is to help dentists grow their practice.

– Here’s where I’m going to say something that some of you won’t like:

– Underlying that idea is this one truth:

– Your practice’s success depends on YOU!

– Let me say it again so we are all clear:

– Your practice will succeed or fail because of YOU.

– Guys like me can help it succeed.

– I can train you and give you information (like what you get out of these podcasts and our products).

– I can set up our industry-leading patient attraction system to bring you more and better patients.

– But YOU have to manage your practice.

– YOU have to spend the money to make the system work.

– YOU have to provide the information we need to maximize your reach.

– YOU have to attend the continuing ed and get the certifications to do more big case dentistry.

– YOU  have to know your market, watch your competitors and see what differentiates you.

– YOU have to make smart decisions about who to hire both as consultants, like us, and within your practice.

– Hire the right people and you get the credit for watching the business prosper.

– Hire the WRONG people, and you’ll want to blame those people for your failure.

– But ultimately, YOU were the one who hired them.

– In short, YOU are the captain of the ship.

– Everyone else around you, no matter how valuable, is just crew.

– That’s a lot of pressure on you.

– I’m glad you’re watching this podcast series to help you make good decisions.

– I want to reward all of my loyal viewers with something special to commemorate our 200th episode.

– So anybody who posts a comment on Facebook or LinkedIn and uses the hashtag #happy200thpodcastSmartBox gets 50 percent off any of our book or DVD products.

– Just call us when you’re ready to purchase and we’ll apply the discount.

– Thanks again for watching, and keep moving forward.



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