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Patient Attraction Episode 382

Dentists also refer to their ideal patient as one who stays, pays and refers. Today, I’m going to tell you how you can get more and better patients by creating content they will consume, share, and reuse. Stay tuned.

– Colin Receveur here on this fine Friday, April 3.

– Today I want to talk about marketing content.

– This could be the content on your web pages, ebooks or white papers.

– It could be your blogs or press releases.

– It could even be your social media posts.

– Content marketing is all about writing and sharing relevant and valuable information to your audience with the intent of earning their business.

– Today, the key is going to be on the relevant and valuable parts.

– That’s because your goal should be to provide content that patients will consume, share, and reuse.

– So you want them to read your web pages, blogs, etc.

– You want them to watch your videos and webinars.

– You want them to consume all of this content.

– Then you want them to share it because they found it so valuable.

– Share it with friends and family to earn referrals.

– Share it on social media to earn referrals and for SEO purposes.

– Finally, you want them to reuse it.

– You want them to save that content or visit it again because they find it so valuable.

– How do you do that?

– You provide them content that:

  1. Solves their problems, answers their questions and/or meets their needs.

– This is why patients are search for you.

– You have to provide information that benefits the patient.

– When you provide enough information that does this, it enhances your expertise in the patients’ eyes and earns their trust and loyalty.

  1. Content they can use as soon as they see it.

– Provide content that solves those problems, answers those questions, or meets those needs RIGHT NOW.

– Even if they don’t call for an appointment right now.

– Give them the information they need now, and they’ll come back to you.

  1. Content they can understand and get through quickly.

– Web consumers will read copy and will watch videos.

– They just will do both at one sitting.

– And they only do it until they no longer find it relevant.

– You need to make sure videos are short and single-topic.

– Written copy needs to be scannable, meaning it needs to have bullets, lists, bold, subheads and other eye-catching points.

– If you can meet these goals, you will have content that is consumable, sharable and reusable.

– That wraps up this work week.

– I hope you have a great weekend.

Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.