Will Google be the Death of Dental SEO?

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Patient Attraction Episode 856

An article in Entrepreneur.com last June discussed how a company’s attempts to rank higher in Google’s search engine results resulted in that company’s pages being delisted. Google accused the company of “search engine manipulation,” and the matter is now in court. I’ll be back after the break to tell you what this might mean for the future of your online dental marketing. Stay tuned.

– Thanks for tuning in to the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– Google was smacked in the face by a Florida judge who refused to dismiss a complaint by e-ventures Worldwide, LLC.

– e-ventures claimed that Google had arbitrarily decided that the company’s efforts to rank higher in search constituted “manipulation.”

– Google de-indexed all of that company’s web pages.

– Basically, e-ventures vanished from Google.

– Google claims that “manipulation” of search engine results is “bad behavior” that has to be stopped.

– And it claims a First Amendment right to publish or not publish a company in search results as it sees fit.

– What does this mean for the future of dental search engine optimization, or SEO?

– There’s no question that Google’s rules are arbitrary.

– Google makes Google’s rules as Google sees fit.

– But if “manipulation” isn’t closely defined, it can mean today’s commonly accepted SEO tactics.

– Legitimate things like keywords in headlines and content, title tags, and quality backlinks might become the Google kiss of death for your dental practice.

– Your website, blog, and social media pages could vanish from Google.

– Think about the hit your marketing would take from that.

– At this point, there’s no telling which way this case will go.

– One thing is clear, though – as a practicing dentist, you almost certainly don’t have time to stay current on the constantly-changing SEO scene.

– Hopefully, you’re busy making money by seeing patients.

– And hopefully, you have a system in place to keep attracting the patients you want, no matter which way the court decides this case.

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– Until the next podcast, keep moving forward.