Why Your Dental Emails Aren’t Being Read

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Patient Attraction Episode 877

Dental emails are a great way to stay in front of your patients and prospects, but only if people actually read them. After the break, I’ll share 10 tips for getting your mailing list to open and read more of your marketing emails. Stay tuned.

– I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– At SmartBox, we’re great believers in the power of email marketing.

– We offer our dentists Infusionsoft® Drip Marketing that automates the segmentation of their patients and the timing of email releases.

– But the best software can’t get patients to open emails if the subject line is boring or the contents aren’t interesting and useful.

– Here are 10 tips to get more email opens and higher click-through rates.

– One: Use catchy, intriguing subject lines.

– Questions are good: “Do you know these 5 dangers of gum disease?”

– That’s way better than the bland “5 Facts About Gum Disease.”

– Two: Keep your emails short and readable.

– Opening an email and seeing a wall of text that runs off the page is a sure turnoff.

– All of your email should be visible when it’s opened.

– Use white space and bolded subheads to break up the copy and make it more readable.

– Three: Write at a level your patients understand and are comfortable with.

– The overwhelming consensus is that a middle-school reading level is best.

– Use an online readability checker to make sure you’re writing to be understood.

– Four: Make the content useful for addressing their concerns.

– Don’t send information on dentures to millennials, or an email about braces to seniors.

– Segmenting your list by dental concern and interest is key.

– Five: Include a clear call to action, or CTA, in every email.

– That might be to call to schedule an appointment, click to receive a white paper or pamphlet, or click to take an online quiz.

– Six: Offer incentives for taking action.

– This may be limited by your state, so make sure that you’re current on the laws.

– Seven: Track your results.

– There are a number of ways to determine which of your email subject lines are opened most often and which content is clicked through.

– Eight: Try different combinations for best results.

– That means mixing up subject lines with content and sending out enough of each type of email to determine the winners.

– Nine: Adjust the frequency of your mailings.

– There’s a sweet spot between emailing so often that it becomes annoying and so seldom that your emails don’t have much impact.

– Ten: Automate the whole thing.

– Find out what Infusionsoft Drip Marketing can do for your practice.

– Visit our website at smartboxdentalmarketing.com, click on “How We Can Help You,” and then click on “Infusionsoft Drip Marketing.”

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.