Why Your Average Page Visit Time Doesn’t Matter

Patient Attraction Episode 178

Hey everybody, Colin Receveur here on Friday, July 25, and for any of you who are regular viewers, you know I love series. Without really realizing it, we have been doing a mini-series on web readership statistics. Well, today is the final day of that series, and we’ll look at how long readers stay on your web pages when we return.

– Welcome back.

– If you saw Wednesday’s podcast, you’ll remember I shared a statistic that people make their first impression two-tenths of a second after looking at your website.

– Yesterday I told you that 55 percent of people spend less than 15 seconds on a web page, but 66 percent of people scroll down the page.

– So how can these seemingly contradictory statistics be true.

– Here’s how:

– Research by PhD Jakob Nielsen shows that the average page view lasts A LITTLE LESS THAN A MINUTE.

– Think about your web pages: Can someone reading them get the message you want them to have in less than a minute?

– Don’t panic.

– Dr. Nielsen says average isn’t a good way to measure engagement in a page anyway.

– Data from Microsoft Research show that page visitors are most likely to leave before they have been on the page 10 seconds.

– So they are making an almost-immediate decision on whether to stay on the page or to move on.

– People are also more likely to leave in the next 20 seconds: they’ve read a little, then started scanning, then decided to move on.

– BUT, and I think this is a critical thought, if they stay on the page for 30 seconds, they are VERY LIKELY to stay on longer.

– So what does Dr. Nielsen surmise about this:

– If you can capture them in the first 10 seconds, you are likely to get them to read your whole message.

– These numbers are very similar to those about video I discussed in a previous podcast.

– I say that, because I think video is one of the best ways you can get their interest in the first 10 seconds.

– Obviously a strong headline on the page is critical to keeping their attention.

– And a strong opening to any text that talks about prospects and THEIR problems is a good way to keep them reading more.

– Prospects who invest the time in learning about what you do and who you are also are more likely to turn into staying, paying and referring patients.

– I hope these last few days have helped you understand the importance of your website.

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– Until then, keep moving forward.


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