Why SEO is Critical for Dentists

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Patient Attraction Podcast 311

Hi there. I appreciate you tuning in today. I’m going to touch on some reasons SEO is important for dentists who want to stand out above the competition and, ultimately, connect with the patients they want. I’ll be right back to discuss how you can optimize your online presence.

– Hey everyone, thanks for joining me as we continue our overview of my book, “Attract More Patients in the Next 6 Months Than in the Past 6 Years.”

– Today we are going to discuss Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

– Now, obviously, I can’t get into great detail about SEO in the short amount of time we have here.

– But I can cover the basics and tell you why SEO is critical to the success of your practice.

– SEO is probably one of the most talked about subjects on the modern Internet but the least understood at the same time.

– As you can gather from its name, SEO is strategically including information to get the best ranking on search results that relate to your dental practice so you are easily found online.

–  Each of the myriad techniques used in SEO is designed to help with search engine rankings – the higher the better!

– As a dentist, you are a professional with skills that everyone needs.

– Yet, you are finding it tough to get the number of patients and generate the amount of income you need to be as successful as you have hoped.

– Why can’t you just have a listing in the phone book and a basic website?

– That doesn’t work anymore.
– Let’s look at a couple of statistics.

– Nielsen reports that 86% of consumers looking for local services will use the Internet, as opposed to the traditional phone book to get names and numbers, and more than 80% of the searches are followed up with offline action.

– Clearly, this adds up to one thing: You must be able to rank highly in Internet searches.

– This is accomplished through SEO.

– You want to fill your dental website with the kind of content that is relevant to your dental practice.

– This takes careful consideration, compelling calls to action, a good eye for design, and more.

– Keywords and keyphrases are vital for reaching your potential patients.

– Keywords are the most common phrases and terms people use when searching for dental services.

– You can fill your web pages with good information and images, but you may miss the opportunity for a higher SEO ranking without first considering implementing keywords into your content

– Conducting a successful SEO campaign is not simple.

– It takes conscious effort to discover the best keywords to use.

– Of course, you can fill your website with these terms and STILL not appear at the top of the SERPs, or search engine result pages.

– Why not?

– Because so many sites started abusing the system, using unethical “black hat” SEO tactics, Google and other search engines started using complex algorithms to govern who makes it to the first couple of search engine result pages.

– It has become increasingly important to keep up with the ever-changing guidelines to make sure your website is current and being seen by prospective patients.

– I have only scratched the surface about SEO today, but I hope you’ll visit smartboxdentalmarketing.com for more information and a free download of my book, “Attract More Patients in the Next 6 Months Than in the Past 6 Years.”

– I devoted an entire chapter to SEO that you will find very helpful in making your dental practice website a magnet for better patients you’ve been looking for.

– Tomorrow, I will go into more detail about keywords.

Until then, keep moving forward.