Why Native Advertising Will Work for Your Dental Practice

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Patient Attraction Episode 718

In yesterday’s podcast, I introduced an older form of advertising that’s enjoying a rebirth: native advertising. Spending on this form of advertising is projected to increase to more than $20 billion by 2018. More and more companies are embracing native advertising to grow brand awareness and engage readers. I’ll be back after the break to tell you how you can use native advertising in your dental practice marketing. Stay tuned.

– You’re probably familiar with the phrase “content marketing.”

– Native advertising isn’t content marketing.

– It’s a paid vehicle for distributing content marketing.

– Welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– You’ve seen native ads online.

– They blend into the tone and purpose of the page rather than standing out like a banner ad.

– They engage the reader and drive them to useful, interesting content.

– The ads you saw may or may not have had a distinct call-to-action.

– And, of course, you can see examples of native ads at the top of just about every Google search.

– They blend into the page’s tone and purpose because they look just like other listings.

– Except for the work “Ad” next to them.

– In a 2015 study of marketers who have used native advertising, roughly 9 out of 10 agreed that:

– It’s useful to build audiences,

– It can promote marketing efforts,

– It offers valuable content,

– And it can be used to drive action.

– And nearly 8 out of 10 found it more effective than banner advertising.

– Native ads are only one aspect of marketing, though.

– Your marketing should strike a balance between paid ads, like banner ads; paid media such as native ads; and the media you own, such as websites and blogs.

– And you should have a reasonably consistent tone across all three types.

– So, what are the ways dentists can use native advertising?

– The most popular ways are to promote and drive viewers to your articles, blog posts, videos, YouTube, and Facebook.

– But remember, the purpose of native ads is to build viewer engagement, promote your brand, and ultimately to direct people to useful, interesting content.

– In most cases, the “selling” happens elsewhere: on your blog, your website, YouTube, and so on.

– Dentists who are interested in growing their practice should consider adding native advertising to their marketing mix.

– The name of the game is to give prospective patients a reason to choose you.

– To do that, you have to get their attention first.

– Native advertising gets 25 percent more “looks” than banners, AND increases intent to take action by 18 percent.

– That’s what you need to attract a larger audience to your content and, in the end, turn more potential patients into paying patients.

– Join me for tomorrow’s podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.