Why long tails are good for dentists

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Patient Attraction Episode 720

Using short keywords in your dental practice website content can get it lots of hits. That’s great, but if too many people click and then bounce off, you’re losing money and patients. I’ll be back after the break to tell you how long-tail keywords can attract patients who want exactly what you offer. Stay tuned.

– Hi, I’m Colin Receveur.

– I’ve been watching a reality show about gold miners, and I’ve learned a couple of things.

– I learned that you can mine low-quality pay dirt and find some gold.

– But it’ll cost a lot of time and money.

– Or, you can mine high-quality pay dirt and find a lot of gold in a short time.

– With high-quality pay dirt, you make money.

– Long-tail keywords for your website bring less traffic, but higher-quality traffic.

– Long-tail keywords find you higher-quality pay dirt.

– So, what are long-tail keywords?

– They’re short phrases that stem from a single keyword.

– For instance, “dentist” is probably the most-used dental keyword.

– If we add a long tail like “Lansing, Michigan,” we’ll get less traffic.

– Local search won’t show your website to people in Baltimore.

– But we’ll get a lot more people interested in dentists in Lansing.

– Take another keyword like “implants.”

– Quite a few people are interested in implants.

– If we add “in a day,” we’re now attracting a subset of prospects further along the sales cycle who know they want implants NOW.

– See the difference?

– Google offers free tools to help you identify long-tail keywords for your website.

– The first one is Google’s Keyword Planner.

– The second is Google Autocomplete.

– Just type a keyword into Google’s search box, and you’ll see a number of long-tail keyword suggestions.

– At the end of that is a list of related keywords.

– You can also search to determine the keywords and long-tail keywords your competition is using.

– Once you’ve identified the most frequently used long-tail keywords, you can add them to your website’s SEO.

– Then keep an eye on both your website traffic and the number of leads it generates.

– Join me for tomorrow’s podcast on marketing to fearful patients.

– Until then, keep moving forward.