Why Does Google Hate Dental Press Releases?

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Patient Attraction Episode 446

Only a few years ago, press releases were a fantastic way to build links to your dental website whether or not a media outlet picked them up. Just by being on the web and distributing to microsites could get you valuable inbound links. Then Google got wise to that tactic and cut out press release entirely from giving SEO value to websites. When we come back, I’ll tell you how Google has come off that position and why. Stay tuned.

– Welcome to the Saturday edition of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I told you earlier this year when we started the weekend edition that Saturdays and Sundays would generally focus on some pretty specific marketing tips and ideas.

– Today and tomorrow, I want to talk about press releases.

– In years gone by, you would send a media outlet a quick blurb of information in hopes that they would do a story about you.

– When they did, this was free publicity.

– Then the Internet came along.

– Dentists and other businesses found they could release information along multiple channels and create their own stories as well as giving media outlets an opportunity to do them.

– Savvy dentists and marketers started using press releases to stuff keywords and trick the Google algorithm into giving them more authority than they deserved.

– We played that game with great success.

– Then Google changed its formula and stripped press releases of their value.

– This hurt marketers and businesspeople who were using press releases to gain SEO value.

– But it also hurt people who were using those press releases to research topics of interest – which is at the very heart of Google’s mission.

– However, last fall Google tweaked how its Google News algorithm ranks press releases and corporate statements, giving them more weight.

– This is good news for marketers and dentists.

– It means that you can reach your audience directly.

– You also can boost your SEO value.

– And, of course, you can reach more media outlets who may be interested in writing about the topics of your releases.

– That is the home run that gets you free publicity AND boosts your SEO value.

– Even though a new site doesn’t link to you, Google uses what are called  “implied links “ to boost your site’s value when a reputable site talks about you.

– There are numerous reputable companies that can distribute press releases for you.

– Do your homework, compare costs and services, and then regularly use the service.

– If you have any additional questions about press releases, email me at colin@smartboxwebmarketing.

– Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you how to get media outlets interested in your press releases.

– Until then, keep moving forward.