Why Dentists Shouldn’t Worry About SEO

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Patient Attraction Episode 510

Dental implants are one of Dr. Smith’s specialties. Dental implants are a great way for dental patients to replace missing teeth and eat the foods they love again. Dental implants can help you get the smile of your dreams. That sounds like a great way to increase your search success for people looking for dental implants online, right? When we come back, I’m going to tell you why that not only wouldn’t help you get new patients, it would hurt you. Stay tuned.

– Hey, Colin here and today I want to introduce you to the new realities of search engine optimization.

– Once upon a time, you know, way back in the day like 5 years ago, you could stuff a bunch of keywords like dental implants into a block of copy.

– Doing so would trick Google into thinking your site had a lot of info on dental implants and boost you up the search results pages.

– But that’s just not the case anymore.

– And thanks to Google’s smarter search algorithm, putting too many of the same words, like dental implants, onto a page can actually hurt your search engine results ranking.

– Of course, Google doesn’t tell anyone how many times you can use a key phrase or word.

– So should you just throw up your hands and not try to optimize for keywords?

– No, of course not.

– But you have to be smarter about which keywords you use and how you use them.

– They have to flow more naturally into your content and meta-data.

– You shouldn’t try to shoehorn search terms into your copy.

– You shouldn’t have to.

– If you are providing content that your prospects want, the keywords will naturally be there.

– You just have to use them better.

– For instance, rather than using “dental implants” three times in three sentences, think about how people might search for dental implants.

– Use phrases like, “what are dental implants,” “how can dental implants help me eat,” and “how do dental implants replace teeth” when you are writing.

– But sometimes the searcher doesn’t know the phrase “dental implants” is the answer.

– So you would use phrases like “replace my missing teeth,” “eat foods I love again,” and “get a nicer smile.”

– Those are phrases that someone would use in searching for an answer to their problem.

– Those are called long-tail keywords, which are multi-word phrases people use to search.

– Research shows that about 70 percent of page views result from long-tail keyword searches.

– And research shows that consumers use long-tail keyword searches when they are close to the end of their purchasing decision.

– So the more effectively you use them, the more likely you are to get higher quality patients.

– But the great thing is: any decent writer should be able to work in these long-tail keywords because they fit naturally into the content.

– SEO is no longer about figuring out how to trick Google into giving you an advantage.

– Now it’s about figuring out how to legitimately outperform your competition.

– Come back tomorrow when we’ll look at how to be a better listener.

– My wife should get a good laugh out of me giving a podcast on that subject.

– Until then, keep moving forward.