Why Dentists Should Use All 3 Marketing Channels

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Patient Attraction Episode 435

One of the core things we urge dentists is to stand out from their competition. What differentiates you? Why should patients choose you instead of a closer or cheaper dentist? And, most importantly, how are you going to show your prospects that you are different? We’ll talk about that when we return.

– Colin here, and today I want to talk about three channels you can use to get your message out.

– The message that you are the right dentist for your patients.

– The message that you can solve their problems and ease their pain.

– The message that you have the right equipment, the right training, and the right options.

– These three channels are owned media, paid media, and earned media.

– Owned media is the channel you own or produce yourself.

– This includes:

– Emails

– Blogs

– Social media

– Whitepapers

– Website content

– and anything else you can create and distribute on your own.

– Obviously this is the channel over which you have the most control.

– This also takes a significant amount of planning, deciding what to create, for whom, when to release it, and how.

– If you were to use only one channel, this would be the one.

– Second is paid media.

– This is any channel you have to pay for.

– That could be:

– Pay per click.

– Online banner ads

– Paid social media ads

– and traditional media like newspaper, TV, radio and direct mail

– Paid media often works well in concert with owned media.

– This is far more targeted than owned media.

– Obviously, though, it comes at a price.

– Finally, there is earned media.

– This includes:

– Coverage in media outlets such as newspapers, business publications, radio and TV news.

– It also includes shares of your social media posts and links to your content.

– Earned media is very difficult to control and to get, but it has the highest credibility.

– I don’t recommend clients spend a lot of time on it, but rather let it happen naturally and take it as a bonus when it does.

– The best approach is to use all three channels in varying degrees.

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– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.