Why Dentists Should Reevaluate Their Priorities

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Patient Attraction Episode 254

Hey everyone, Colin Receveur here on Monday, November 10, and a big change in my life has got me thinking about my priorities – and yours. I’ll tell you how when we come back.

– Over the last few months I’ve alluded to the fact that my wife Amanda was pregnant across our various blog, newsletter and podcast channels.

– I’m really happy to announce the birth of my little daughter Emma.

– Both she and Amanda are doing fine, and our son Ben is very excited about having his new baby sister home.

– After Emma was born, I made the conscious decision to take off about a week to help around the house.

– I did very little work, barely even checking email so I could focus on my family.

– For many of you, that’s a no-brainer and you would have done the exact same thing – maybe even taking off longer.

– But some of you listening right now are thinking, “There’s no way I could be away from the office for a whole week.”

– For those of you thinking that, you need more freedom.

– More freedom to work the hours you want and be away when you want.

– Obviously, improved marketing can help with that.

– If you’re bringing in enough of the right kinds of patients, you don’t have load every possible hour of every possible day with patients to be successful.

– But how you have set up your practice plays a big role in that as well.

– I was able to leave for a week because I have a crew who can keep the boat afloat while the captain is away.

– If you desire the freedom to be able to leave your practice, is it time to look into an associate dentist?

– Could your staff handle the office without you being there for a week, or two, or a month?

– If right now you are thinking, “I couldn’t afford to bring in an associate or even someone to fill in for me for a week,” then you don’t have the freedom that comes with success.

– At my company, we try to give our clients three things: more patients, more profits and more freedom.

– All three aren’t right for every doctor.

– We’ve got plenty of clients who are volume practices and want as many patients as we can get them.

– That’s more patients.

– But we’ve go others who have far fewer patients doing mostly high-value procedures.

– That’s more profits.

– And we’ve got clients who want to work on their terms: the days they want to work seeing the kinds of patients they want to see, making the kind of money they want to make.

– That’s more freedom.

– What are your priorities, and what are you doing to emphasize them?

– Do you want to bring in more patients so you can experience more profits?

– Would that mean more freedom for you?

– Or would you like to see fewer patients and make the same amount of money?

– How would you like to work less and have more free time?

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– Until tomorrow, Keep Moving Forward.