Why Dentists Should Plan 1 Goal at a Time

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Patient Attraction Episode 272

New research suggest that if plan on how you will accomplish a single goal, you are likely to achieve it. But if you simultaneously plan how you will achieve multiple goals, you are unlikely to achieve any of them. I’ll tell you more when we return.

– Welcome back to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I am Colin Receveur, and as many of you know, I am a big fan of Dr. Robert Cialdini and his firm, Influence at Work.

– A recent blog post from Influence at Work described research about how we can successful plan to reach our goals – and how we can sabotage our own efforts.

– According to the research, people who create a plan to reach their goals are usually successful.

– But people who simultaneously create plans to reach multiple goals often fail.

– This is because it is difficult to complete multiple goals and because the goals often have contradictory requirements.

– For instance, you are a dentist with a thriving practice.

– You would like to increase your income but you also would like to spend more time away from the office traveling.

– As you can see, it is hard to make more money when you are out of the office spending money on trips.

– So how can you achieve all of your goals?

– According to the blog, there are two ways:

– One, set up a contrast between yourself and others.

– The research showed that people are better able to juggle multiple task for reaching their goals if they believe others are juggling even more tasks.

– Second, plan to achieve multiple goals as ways to achieve an even larger goal.

– So if you want to make more money and travel more, you might put those plans under an even larger goal that would accommodate both.

– In this case, you might want to grow into a larger, multiple-doctor practice.

– That way you could make more money AND be able to spend more time traveling.

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– I’d be happy to discuss your goals with you and see how I can help you achieve them.

– We’ll finish up the week tomorrow with a podcast recipient who wasn’t happy with some advice I gave.

– Until then, Keep Moving Forward.